Tourism in Barcelona has a lot to offer to its flocked guests from all over the world, and there are always new things that surprise its visitors every year, whether in its museums, parks or fun and renewable activities constantly, and do not forget Barcelona hotels that strive to provide the latest luxury ways to compete with most of Spain’s hotels So, it makes sense that a city like this is experiencing crowded and quiet seasons, and therefore hotel prices vary, making the Barcelona hotel reservation process somewhat puzzling.

Top tips before booking Barcelona hotels

In order to remove from you any confusion you might face when booking Spain Barcelona hotels, we have provided a set of tips that will give you a comprehensive idea of ​​the perfect reservation, whether in terms of atmosphere, prices or areas suitable for housing.

• It is known that Barcelona has a mild climate throughout the year, but the peak season is in the summer from July to August, and here the prices for hotel reservations in Barcelona reach its climax and the famous tourist places and transportation are very crowded too.

Spring also, from May to June, is suitable for visiting in terms of temperate climate, available activities, average prices and not very crowded.

As for the fall and winter seasons, the number of tourists decreases significantly, and therefore hotels in Barcelona can be booked at competitive prices, and the city can be moved with complete comfort, but the weather may become somewhat cold.

• After knowing the most appropriate times to book Barcelona hotels, you must determine the suitable area for housing, and in Barcelona you can choose between many areas and wonderful neighborhoods.

• The Sweet Suites Via area is a vital area full of tourist and heritage places and museums, and it is located the most famous streets of Barcelona, ​​which is Rambla Street. Nature and rural life.

• As a last step, after determining the time and place for booking hotels in Spain Barcelona, ​​we reach the choice of the hotel, which will be after comparing several hotels and choosing the most appropriate category, and then the place of residence that meets all the requirements of services and facilities according to your need.

Recommended hotels in Barcelona

Here we present some suggestions for accommodation in a group of hotels that get great and excellent reviews from Arab guests.

Pestana Arena Barcelona

It is right
The choice of this hotel when booking hotels in Barcelona Barcelona, ​​it features modern rooms, gym
Sauna, meeting room, room service, free Wi-Fi, private parking.

Separates the hotel
It is 850 m from Spain Square and 13.7 km from Barcelona El Prat Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The cleanliness of the hotel, amenities, location, and staff had a great positive impact on the guests, which prompted them to give him a great evaluation.

Comprehensive idea of ​​everything related to Barcelona hotel reservation

Seine Hotel

Its location near Rambla Street makes it an ideal choice for hotels in Barcelona, ​​to
Besides providing warm rooms, terrace for breakfast, garden, non-smoking rooms,
And Wi-Fi is free.

The house is located
Amatler is 600 meters from the hotel, and El Prat Airport Barcelona is 14.4 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Visitors spent a comfortable stay in the hotel and gave it a great evaluation thanks to its vital location, helpful staff, and various facilities.

All about the hotel reservation process in Barcelona you will find in our article

Royal Ramblas Hotel

Very suitable for anyone wishing to book Barcelona 4-star hotels, thanks to its modern rooms, its services in free Wi-Fi, car rental service, tour desk, and private parking.

It is located on the famous Las Ramblas, close to 800 meters from Plaza Catalunya and 15.3 km from Barcelona’s El Prat Airport.

Read our report on the Royal Ramblas Hotel

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The location of the hotel greatly influenced the opinion of visitors by giving them a great evaluation of the hotel, as well as the staff, cleanliness and amenities.

Booking hotels in Barcelona Barcelona will be easy after reading the article

Majestic Hotel Barcelona

And whoever wants to book 5-star hotels in Barcelona, ​​he must obtain this hotel
He admired his offering a spa, rooftop pool overlooking the city, and various accommodation
Rooms and apartments, a fitness center, and two dining outlets.

The distance between the hotel and the Amatler house is measured at 230 m, between the hotel and El Prat Barcelona Airport 15.1 km.

Read our report on Majestic Hotel Barcelona

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel impressed the visitors with excellent appreciation in terms of location, comfort, cleanliness and staff.

Suggestions for accommodation before booking hotels in Barcelona

W Barcelona Hotel

Also an ideal option when deciding to book 5-star hotels in Barcelona, ​​especially
It has a great location next to Barcelona Beach and great views of the city. It also has a swimming pool
Infinity, spa facilities, comfortable rooms, and a rooftop bar.

Barcelona Aquarium is 2.3 km away, and El Prat Airport Barcelona is 17.5 km away.

Read our report on the W Barcelona

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a very good rating thanks to the crew, facilities, location, while some visitors expressed their dissatisfaction with the Wi-Fi.

Hotel reservation in Barcelona is the perfect choice for history lovers and sports enthusiasts

What are the most important tips and directions you should do before booking Barcelona hotels?

Many of the commandments must be followed:
First: See visitor reviews before hotel reservations.
Second: Choosing the hotel in a location that suits your desires, whether near the markets, restaurants or tourist attractions.
Finally: Comparing many hotels and preferring the most appropriate ones.

What are the best times of the year to book a hotel in Barcelona?

Spring and summer are one of the best times to visit the city thanks to the warm atmosphere, while the fall and winter seasons are the best for reservation, because prices are less than half due to the small number of tourists.

A comprehensive guide to Barcelona hotels: What are the best Barcelona hotels for 2020?

Barcelona Hotels Directory contains the best hotels for the year 2020, as we update it periodically based on real reviews from Arab visitors .. Read more

How and on what basis do you choose a hotel in Barcelona?

First you have to choose the area that is suitable for your housing, near the sights, historical, restaurants, or markets.
Second, you have to choose a group of suitable hotels and compare them in terms of price, services, and facilities to choose the best ones.

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