Residence in one of Luxor hotels is one of the best decisions that tourists can take to spend a distinctive tourist vacation, because the city provides a calm atmosphere and various historical tourist attractions, so it was nicknamed the open temple, which made tourism in Luxor appropriate for fans of historical monuments that embody the history of the city, and with diversity Hotels in Egypt, especially in Luxor. The process of booking hotels in Luxor has become a bewildering matter for some tourists, so we provided some advice to answer all your questions regarding the reservation process.

The most important tips before booking Luxor hotels

Before booking Luxor hotels in Egypt, there are some recommendations that must be taken into account, and these instructions will help you in providing your money for your travel, get the best hotel reservation offers in Luxor and spend a special holiday:

• Before you book the Luxor Hotel, you should see reviews of previous visitors to these hotels by popular reservations sites, and then choose the hotels with the highest ratings.

• Since the winter season is the tourist boom season in Luxor, it is expected that the prices of booking Luxor hotels will increase significantly compared to the prices in the summer when the temperatures are high and thus the number of tourists arriving in the city decreases.

• There are many popular reservation sites where you can compare booking prices, and you may be able to get lower rates with the same features.

• Luxor hotel reservation rates vary according to the region of residence, whether near or far from service centers and tourist attractions in Luxor and other reasons. You should stay away from hotels that are near the most famous sights and choose the location that suits your travel budget.

• One of the most important steps that you should start with is planning your trip and the appropriate hotels in which you explain the type of hotels, the category, services and facilities that are provided and are suitable for you and your budget.

• You should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each hotel separately, of the facilities, services, and views that are provided and where each hotel is distinguished from other hotels in the same category.

The best accommodation options when booking Luxor hotel

In the coming lines, we have provided you with hotels that are the best options when booking Luxor hotels, and that you can choose from what suits you in terms of level, services and quality of facilities provided in comparison with their prices.

Eatabe Luxor Hotel

Eatabe Hotel is one of the list of the best hotels when booking Luxor hotels in Egypt, as it provides units with views of the Nile River or the hotel garden.

An outdoor pool with sunbeds and a pool bar are available, free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby, and 24-hour security.

The hotel is 8.4 km from Luxor International Airport and 350 meters from Luxor Museum.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received very good reviews from Arab visitors in both location, value for money, comfort of stay, and crew performance.

Hotel reservation
Eatabe Luxor Hotel is one of the ideal options when booking Luxor hotels

Cleopatra Luxor Hotel

Prices for hotels in Luxor vary, and this hotel has the best, and besides the good price, it offers units with stunning views of Luxor.

Also a continental breakfast in the restaurant, tour desk, and business center.

The hotel is 29.7 km from Luxor International Airport, 550 meters from Al-Buirat Island Mosque.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel earned excellent reviews from Arab visitors in terms of staff performance, value for money, comfort, and location.

It is also the best in terms of Luxor hotel reservation rates at all.

Hotel reservation
Booking hotels in Luxor Egypt can be confusing, so we recommend Cleopatra Hotel Luxor

Sofitel Luxor Hotel

Booking the Luxor Hotel among the list of the best hotels in Egypt is difficult, but Sofitel Hotel has resolved this difficult equation, as it is distinguished by Victorian designs.

In addition to providing car rental services, children services, and bicycle rental.

The hotel is 9.8 km from Luxor International Airport and 3.6 km from the Karnak Temple.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel won the approval of the Arab visitors at an excellent rate in terms of location and view, staff performance, level of hygiene, and comfort.

Hotel reservation
Luxor hotel reservation rates reach their highest levels in tourist periods, but the matter differs when booking hotels in Luxor, such as Sofitel Luxor Hotel

Luxor Hilton Hotel

When booking Luxor hotels in Luxor, visitors can benefit from the Hilton spa’s various treatments.

In addition to a 24/7 security, solarium, and a fitness center.

The hotel is 10 km from Luxor International Airport and 3 km from Luxor Museum.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has received excellent reviews from Arab visitors in the comfort of stay, the level of cleanliness of the place, the facilities and services, and the performance of the staff.

Hotel reservation
To get reasonable rates when booking Luxor Hotel, you must choose Hilton Luxor Hotel

Mercure Luxor Hotel

The hotel offers a fitness center, heated pool overlooking the Nile, express check-in and check-out, and a business center.

There are also squash courts, free private parking, a spa and wellness center, and a kids club.

The hotel is 10.4 km from Luxor International Airport and 3 km from Karnak Temple.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got very good reviews from Arab visitors as the best hotel when booking hotels in Luxor in both value for money, staff performance, comfort, and cleanliness.

Hotel reservation
    One of the recommended hotels in Aswan when booking Luxor hotels is the Mercure Luxor Hotel

What are the most important tips and directions that you should do before Luxor hotel reservation ?

Your first step should be to get opinions and reviews of Arabs before booking hotels.
Then choose the right hotel in terms of the location near the tourist attractions, shopping malls, and famous restaurants.
Then, compare the number of hotels and choose the one that best suits your desires, in terms of Luxor hotel reservation rates, location and services.

What are the best times Luxor hotel reservation From the year?

You should make sure to stay away from the tourist season in Luxor between November and April, where prices almost double to double.

A comprehensive guide for Luxor hotel categories: What are the best Luxor hotels for 2020?

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How and on what basis do you choose Reservation of hotels in Luxor?

To start with, you must choose the area you want to live in. Will it be close to shopping malls, attractions, restaurants and more?
Then, you choose a number of hotels to suit your desires, and make a comparison between them in terms of prices, services and facilities provided, and location.

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