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Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are located in Kuwait City, and are considered one of its most important features. They are tall towers that take a pointed shape at the top with a huge ball in the middle, knowing that visitors can climb to the rotating platform at the top, and enjoy the wonderful view, or Eat at the upscale restaurant there.

Kuwaiti Failaka Island

The Kuwaiti Failaka Island is considered an important tourist destination in the State of Kuwait, and it represents a historical island that includes many archaeological sites, and the remains of ancient monuments, including the temple that dates back to the era of the Greek Empire.

Tareq Rajab Museum

The Tareq Rajab Museum is considered one of the most important museums in Kuwait, and it is an amazing ethnographic museum, inside which contains collections of traditional heritage pieces, including: Saudi gold jewelry, Omani silver, musical instruments, and clothing for goat herders, princesses, Mughal helmet, Bahraini pearl necklaces, as well as old Arabic manuscripts found in the Museum of Arabic Calligraphy.

House of mirrors

The Mirror House is considered one of the wonderful architectural masterpieces in Kuwait, and it is a house completely covered with panels of glass mirrors weighing 70 tons. Work on this project started in 1966 AD and continued until 2006 AD and was supervised by the Kuwaiti architect Lydia. Qattan.

The Boulevard

The Boulevard is the largest tourist center in Kuwait, and inside it contains many luxurious shops, gardens, and a hall dedicated to entertainment, leisure, restaurants, a theater, and a hall.

Martyr’s Park

Al Shaheed Park is located on the outskirts of Kuwait City, and it is considered the largest park or urban park in the country, as it occupies an area of ​​200,000 square meters, and includes many walking, jogging, stunning parks, a lake, two museums, And a visitor center.

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