Singapore is famous for being a center of wealth, money and the richest of the world. But looking at it as a tourist destination, there is a lot to enjoy and do. Apart from luxury, luxury, exorbitant hotels and expensive restaurants. It is easy to visit all its attractions, thanks to the metro system. Throughout Singapore. All signs are in English, being the dominant language. So it is one of the easiest and best destinations in Southeast Asia.

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The most important tourist attractions in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

You will not want to leave; once you reach that fascinating destination; the Gulf Gardens; one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Singapore; a great place to enjoy the vegetation, and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It performs an environmental function, fascinates everyone who sees it with its beauty, and the complexity of its manufacture.

Botanic Gardens Botanical Gardens

Do not confuse it with the previous destination; this magnificent place is considered one of the first botanical gardens that belong to UNESCO to preserve the heritage. The botanical garden is one of the most important features that highlight the Singaporean wild side, which makes it one of the best attractions. You can't go to it by using any transportation means for fear of pollution, so enjoy a little hiking until you reach that exciting destination.

Chinese city Chinatown

A tourist attraction in Singapore. If you have not or have not visited China before, you will enjoy this wonderful neighborhood, which is a small version of this country, you can enjoy Chinese food with original flavors, as well as visit the Chinese Heritage Center next to the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple, which enjoys its wonderful architecture. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

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Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel is considered one of the largest and most important hotels in the nineteenth century. It was built in Singapore during the colonial period, and to this day it remains one of the most important attractions. Old Singapore: sophistication, luxury.

Changi Chapel and Museum

Singapore is one of the countries that survived World War II, and tells the story of Changi Shabelle and the museum; the story of those who suffered under the dome of the Japanese occuAl Bahahn. The museum displays a collection of letters, pictures, drawings and personal possessions. Chapel. The prison is located in a large area, next to it is the museum, and surrounded by a wall. Changi Chapel prison is one of the most important Singaporean monuments and one of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore. So, do not miss his visit.

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Singapore Zoo

It is considered one of the best tropical forest gardens in the world, and it is considered a wonderful family destination where children enjoy playing and a place free from any pollution factors. The zoo animals treat well, surrounded by a lot of green spaces and places of living. It includes a large group of animal kingdom like. Chimpanzee, white tiger, zebra, kangaroo, mole mouse and komodo dragon.

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