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Marmaris Port

Marmaris Marina (English: Marmaris Marina) is an important tourist place in Marmaris, where visitors and tourists go to spend quality time walking, hiking in front of the sea, seeing boats and yachts lining along the quay, in addition to shopping in the shops, The restaurants are spread out in the harbor, and the artists playing musical instruments can be seen in front of the magnificent view of the sea and heard.

Icmeler Beach

Icmeler beach (English: Icmeler beach) is one of the most important tourist areas in the city of Marmaris, as it is a popular destination for visitors, with the aim of enjoying the scenic landscapes, walking in the soft sand under the warm sun, and water sports activities.

Marmaris Beach

Marmaris Beach (English: Marmaris Beach) is the most famous beach in the city of Marmaris, and although the sands of the beach extend over a few occasional areas, it gives visitors an amazing view of the sea.

Marmaris Mountains

The Marmaris Mountains include many stunning landscapes, where visitors can use special paths to head towards the top of the mountain, where amazing beach lakes and different types of organisms can be seen, in addition to that upon reaching the summit, it will be in front of the visitor Amazing view from above on the sea, and the areas surrounding the mountain.

Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle is considered a historical archaeological castle that was used as a military base for the forces of the Leader Suleiman the Magnificent, knowing that this castle still exists to this day, and it is visited by city tourists who can enjoy the wonderful view of the castle, as it also includes the Marmaris Small Museum It contains many antiques, such as: ancient oil lamps, tombstones, statues, and ceramic jars.

Old town

The Old Town represents the mountainous streets in the vicinity of the old Marmaris Castle, and it includes many paths that can be walked, and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, as it contains a group of traditional buildings overlooking the sea and the city’s port.

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