1- A more relaxed atmosphere
The cold hills of the village create a relaxing public atmosphere that makes Ubud a favorite relaxation destination. It’s cooler and greener compared to the southern coast, and it’s no wonder that it attracts spa pioneers, yoga and luxury workers. Nature lovers also see great natural views, especially along the valleys of the Ayung River and Betano. Most Ubud landscapes feature paddy fields backed by green hillsides.

2- Cheap but great accommodation
Like Kuta and Legian, Ubud is very popular with backpackers, thanks to its range of guest houses and cheap accommodation. You can find a good selection of hotels for under $ 50 a night, most of which give you a homely atmosphere because most of them are run by Balinese families – all providing closer connection to real village life and also providing the comfortable green views of Ubud.

3- Home to most luxury resorts in Bali
Ubud also offers a good range of luxury stays with stunning views. You can expect elegant chalets and villas, swimming pools, water features, amazing on-site dining places and spas located opposite the natural backdrops of lush river valley and green forests. Some cover the whole valley side, such as the Four Seasons Resort in Saiyan, Royal Beta Maha, Mandaba, The Ritz-Carlton, among others.

4- Bali cradle of arts and culture
If you are interested in arts, culture and history, you will find a wide range of highlights to discover in Ubud. It is home to many museums and art galleries, such as the house and studio of the late Antonio Blanco, the Nika Museum that houses many of the historical masterpieces of famous Balinese painters and the owner’s own collection of rare ‘Chris’ daggers, and the Agung Ray Museum of Art that regularly features rare performing arts, on stage In its open runway.

5- Amazing natural views
Ubud is surrounded by stunning views, which come in a greater variety compared to the resort towns just below the beach. Perhaps the most famous sight is in Tegallalang with its beautifully stunning rice fields, but there are plenty of lush and green valleys around Ubud to discover. There are also many exceptional temples, such as Gunung Kaui, which are located beneath mountain slopes or in rock faces, waiting to be explored.

6- Shopping and bargaining
When the time comes to bargain hunting, Ubud offers more options than you can find in beach resort areas, for example Kuta or Sanur. Downtown Ubud Art Market is usually the first choice, while others such as Sukawati and Kwang Art Markets offer immersive shopping experiences where many different stalls display paintings, wood carvings and home-made antiques of all kinds. Jalan Raya Main Street and its branch roads are lined with many art stores and even some high-end fashion boutiques.

7- Enjoy local dishes for world-class dining
With more rural environments than the developed southern resort areas of Bali, Ubud has many Warung (small, local restaurants, usually by the side) and a variety of local restaurants to try. And if you are looking for world-class food, there are great places like the Mosaic Spectator restaurant by Chef Chris Salance, who has worked in many Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as the famous Lacavor Restaurant.

8- Movement and adventure
If surfing is among the major attractions down the coast, Ubud has plenty of rice trekking and cycling options in the village – and has a lot to offer if you are looking for adrenaline pumping activities. Start on the Ayung River, home to a white rafting scene in Bali, where you can enjoy a wonderful day along the longest and largest river. Along the path, you can calm yourself under a waterfall, sneak into clear fresh water pools, or just watch birds and exotic wild animals.

9- It is among the world’s leading yoga destinations
Due to its high cold location and soothing nature scenes, it’s no wonder Ubud has evolved into a spiritual destination for healing and well-being, attracting yoga practitioners from all over the world. It has the largest number of yoga and spiritual shops compared to other popular beach resorts on the island. Moreover, apart from the independent workshops or yoga camps that offer regular lessons, almost all hotels and resorts offer yoga or meditation classes among the main guest activities.

10- A wonderful spa to help you relax and unwind
Ubud is home to one of the island’s premier spa resorts, most located between the picturesque nature or with unique features to complement your pampered experiences. Among the many, you can visit the Riverside Spa at the Maya Ubud resort, with spa treatments suites on the bank of the Betano River or the Limba Spa in Viceroy Ubud, overlooking the green hills. The Mango Tree Spa boasts a collection of six exclusive treatment rooms uniquely designed in the style of bamboo tree houses, but filled with luxurious spa treatments facilities. The calming climate sites and regions complement the general settings and experience.

11- Mystery and Spirituality
Ubud is mysterious and spiritual as beautiful. You will find such feelings in famous and ancient sites such as Gonog Kaui rock temple, and in the depths of the sacred wooded forest of Ubud covered by forests, where the shaded temples and moss covered from the adjacent art markets are hidden on the side of the road, shaded paths where curious macaques usually mix with visitors.

12- A different kind of sunset from the beach
Ubud sunsets can be as exceptional as Bali’s favorite beaches, with undulating rice fields and mountain shadows instead of winding waves. You can find such a scene on an afternoon stroll along the famous Camphan Reg in Ubud, or simply with afternoon tea at one of the beautiful restaurants along the Saiyan Ridge series.

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