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Trabzon is one of the Turkish cities located in the south of the Black Sea, characterized by its picturesque nature, its enchanting scenery, and its green forests, and there are twelve rivers, and it is intended by tourists from all over the world, and its area is four thousand six hundred and eighty-five square kilometers, and the population of it is about three hundred thousand people And the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I, the so-called legal sultan, was born in it, grew up in it, and the country flourished and there were many conquests during his reign.

The city of Trabzon is one of the cities with a rich history and strategic location, which made it one of the most important points of trade in the Black Sea, and there are many tourist places that you can visit in the city of Trabzon (Trabzon), we will mention it in this article and provide you with all the information that a tourist can need when visiting This city.

Trabzon airport

We start in the first place you will reach in the city of Trabzon; Trabzon Airport is one of the smallest airports in size but its effectiveness is high, and check-in and check-out procedures can be done with ease, there are about seventeen car rental offices to facilitate for you, dear tourist, to move in the city of Trabzon and discover the city as they wish is yours.


There are a large number of hotels in Trabzon, including the Noftel Hotel, and it is preferred by many tourists because of its proximity to the airport and its distinguished services that it offers to customers, and it is only five kilometers from the airport, and it can be booked for children under the age of sixteen for free, and it has a beautiful garden overlooking the sea Lions are next to a big mall, and there are many other hotels that you can book online with ease and with the specifications you want.

The most important tourist sites in Trabzon

Hagia Sophia Museum

This museum was a cathedral, and when Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih conquered the city of Trabzon, he converted this cathedral into a mosque for Muslims and then it was converted into a museum that celebrates the history in which it passed.

Ataturk Museum

It is the house that the governor Ataturk resided in, who ruled Turkey from 1927 to 1935.

Zvanoz Park

It is one of the most beautiful gardens in the city center, characterized by its beautiful, clean paths and its fresh flowers.

Karaga Cave

This cave is located in the south of the city of Trabzon, and is four kilometers long.

Sumela Temple

It is a castle built on the foot of a mountain in the fourteenth century, forty kilometers from the city center.

Hills with his rank

They are hills overlooking the Black Sea coast, where there are many restaurants, and quiet and picturesque sessions.

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