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Istanbul carries many names that carried it in the past such as Constantinople, Astana, Istanbul, Islambol, and Byzantium, and this large city with a population of more than fourteen million people has witnessed many different civilizations and tribes that demonstrate the importance of this city and its strategic location, and from these tribes and civilizations of Greece , Romenians and Muslim Ottomans, and it contains many tourist sites that increase its beauty and importance.

The most important tourist sites in Istanbul

Sultan Ahmad Mosque

It is one of the most famous mosques in Turkey, it is distinguished by its attractive architectural design designed by Engineer Sidfikar Muhammed Agha, and it is characterized by its large size that can accommodate thousands of worshipers, this mosque was built in the year 1020 AH, and the most important thing that attracts the attention of everyone visited by the six minarets that are above Many domes are located on its roof.

Aya Sofia

It is considered one of the attractive architectural style places in the Sultanahmet area. Hagia Sophia passed through many names in Cannes at the beginning of its construction as a cathedral church in 537 AD and continued for a period of up to 916 years, meaning that the church became a mosque in 1453 AD, and it has continued since This year until 1935 A.D., for a period of 481 years, a report is now one of the most important religious museums in the region, and the building is considered one of the Byzantine building arts and Ottoman decoration, and each of the architect Isodore Al-Milesi and Anthimius Tralini developed an architectural plan for him before beginning construction. And the Because of its historical and religious status for them, many young men in 2014 demanded the return of the museum to a mosque.

Tarab Qabi Palace

Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror ordered the construction of the palace, which was the center of the mandate of the Ottoman Empire and its sultans that spanned from 1465 AD to 1856 AD, then the state moved from this palace to the Dolmabah Bagha Palace by order of Sultan Abdul Majid, and this palace contains many wings with different uses as a wing The covenant, the king’s mother’s pavilion, the Sultan’s cabinet and his ministers, a special wing for each of the king’s neighbors, a pavilion known as the museum to place gifts that the Sultan gets from others, a spacious square to revive the various ceremonies, and another paradise for guards and servants, and the palace also contained a room for the holy trusts Currently exist in Medina during the Arab Revolt Kabrh, as the transfer of Saif messenger, Asath, and the tooth, and his hair, and a manuscript of his speeches, and swords companions peace be upon them, and the keys to the Kaaba.

Other tourist sites

  • Bosphorus:The strait that separates Asian Istanbul and European Istanbul.
  • Galatasaray Bath:It is one of the old Turkish baths in the old Islamic Ottoman style.
  • Covered market:It is located in Sultanahmet and is the largest covered market in the continent of Europe, as it contains 4000 shops.
  • Istanbul Museum of Modern Art:It includes a gallery of photography, a cinema and a shop.
  • Also included are Taksim Square, Dolmabahce Palace, Galata Bridge, Archeology Museums, Mena Turk, Viaport, Toy Museum, Salmaniyya Mosque, Egyptian Market, Al-Fateh Mosque, Halic Sotoglu, Pierre Loti Hill, Saint George Church, Pillarbe Palace, Ayoub Mosque , Yildiz Park, Puppet Hill, Galata Kulisi, and Capitol.

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