Tourist safari became popular in the 1920s when Europeans and Americans flocked to Africa to enjoy the wonderful wildlife, and excursions at that time were limited to some tents equipped with satin fabrics and some foods. Kenya, the small and large African country with its natural richness, has been one of the most important safari destinations for the most famous international figures like Ernest Hemingway, Prince Edward and many others.
Kenya continues to welcome nature lovers to this day, but it has provided many sophisticated and beautiful tourism facilities that include many enjoyable activities and advanced amenities. The following are the most important Kenyan resorts that provide the most amazing safaris:

Finch Hattons Luxury Camp

Located in the middle of one of the oldest and most beautiful national parks in Kenya “Tsavo West”, Finish Hattons Camp has a wonderful view over the edge of the natural springs inhabited by hippos, crocodiles and various birds. The camp includes a full-service spa with Turkish bath and outdoor yoga area, along with a large lagoon pool, air-conditioned gym and a small museum displaying the wonders of natural history. In addition to a restaurant consisting of different sections, such as the romantic rooftop area, which is inspired by the Arabian nights and covered with silk sofas and oriental rugs.


The Loisappa Resort reopened in May 2017 with a higher level of luxury and comfort, and offers luxury tents overlooking the renewable green plains of the slopes of Mount Kenya. Guests can enjoy the experience of sleeping outdoors under the starry African sky on the four-story royal beds installed on the back of a Land Rover flat.

Ol Jogi Ranch

Ol Jogi Ranch Resort provides one of the most unique safari experiences in Kenya, located in a private area north of Nairobi, and luxurious huts, each of which specializes in about 60 thousand hectares of private land, are dotted with no other tourist in the area designated for the hut. The cost of a one-week stay may amount to about a quarter of a million US dollars.

Elewana Flying Safari

The distinctive “Elewana Flying Safari” product has launched the latest activities related to the safari trip, which are “Sky Safari Kenya” safari trips. On the Kenyan coast or go to Zanzibar in neighboring Tanzania.

Mahali Mzuri

This upscale resort is known as Disneyland Kenya because it contains about 150 camps and hostels, and dozens of vehicles for hiking in the wilderness and approaching the kings of the forest to hear its roar. The resort is distinguished by its unique architecture, which was designed by the famous Nairobi engineer, Jean Allen, and the interiors are inspired by London elegance, and supervised by a group of restaurants, the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, in addition to many recreational and treatment facilities.

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