Usually, both tourists and athletes are available at a premium to lovers of exploration and adventure to the Sultanate with a major goal, which is to experience many exceptional experiences in the bays of the Sultanate of Azure and between its mountains, and the bumpy roads of this in addition to practicing tourism in its wonderful valley, and in the form of Especially with the onset of winter, where adventures, excursions and exploratory activities abound throughout the Sultanate.
As the Sultanate embraces a great environmental diversity that contributes, and to a good degree, in providing many types of diverse tourism experiences for different segments of tourists in addition to the various types of marine organisms and wildlife in addition to many types of migratory birds, which constitute an attraction for fans Exploration and photography. Among the most attractive tourist activities for the fans of adventure tourism in the Sultanate are:

1- The mountain path in the Muttrah Mountains: – which is considered one of the exceptional places for practicing mountain sport in the Governorate of Muscat, and it is worth noting that the mountain road has been prepared for walking since several years ago, as it was being used in the beginning by miners to move between Muttrah , And its suburbs, and therefore it is considered one of the most suitable places for practicing this mountain hiking sport besides being originally located in a strategic location of the city of Muttrah in addition to the beautiful features of the place in addition to its view of the Corniche and the city in its entirety.

2- Wadi Bani Khalid: – Which is characterized by the possibility of practicing the sport of tourism in it, and the valley is located in the north of Sharqia Governorate, and is surrounded by many palm trees, and it is in the middle of a rich oasis of clear water, and for this reason, fans of swimming sport often What they do their favorite sport.

3- Climbing Hadash Mountains: – The Hadash Mountains region is located geographically in the area of ​​the South Al Batinah Governorate in the state of Nakhl, that is, near the Green Mountain, and this place is distinguished by the presence of mountains of different colors in addition to its inclusion of a number of ancient ancient houses, and these mountains represent the most Excellence for mountain climbing, and for this reason climbers often go to that place to practice their favorite sport.

4- Sands of Tawk: – And this region is located geographically between the state of Barka, and the state of Nakhl in the governorate of South Al Batinah, and it is considered one of the most distinguished places for extreme sports, and a quad bike in the Sultanate, and this is due to what is distinguished It contains the deserts of the Sultanate, and in general it is a unique biological diversity, and therefore it is one of the best places for fans of adventure tourism in the Sultanate.

5- Doing diving in Duqm Beach: – As is well known, Al-Wusta Governorate contains a group of the most beautiful beaches, and purified them in the Sultanate. Therefore, Duqm Beach is considered one of the most important beaches appropriate for diving in the Sultanate, and therefore it is usually intended by many of Divers with the aim of exploring its depths in addition to learning about its unique marine life, in addition to the possibility of the beach to practice a number of other sports such as running or walking on the sand.

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