The green belt region of the Boise River
This area is known as the Green Belt, because it extends 25 kilometers on the banks of the Boise River, completely covered with trees and plants, and this region is located in the heart of Boise City, and it is considered one of the most popular areas and is loved by many, and recently the municipality purchased an area there in order to cover it Green in an organized way and provide many ways to enjoy it, including hiking trails and places for cycling, as well as river boats.

Boise Art Museum
The Museum of Art in Boise includes many contemporary artworks, and many exhibitions are held in it. The museum was originally established in 1938, after which it underwent some expansion in 1973, and its area reaches about 10 thousand square feet. As for Now, after the last expansion, its area reached about 34,800 square meters, this is in addition to that the museum includes a main building that includes an education pavilion, a sculpting area and a shop to buy souvenirs, and this area is one of the most important areas that attract artists from different parts of the world.

Boise Aquarium
This basin is located on the northern road, and this area was opened to the public in 2011, and was previously known as the Idaho Basin, and it was built on an area of ​​ten thousand square feet, and one of the most important features of the basin is that it interacts with touch, where visitors are allowed to touch marine organisms As well as touching coral reefs, this also includes shark ponds, bird cages, and a marine science laboratory.

Boise City Market
And this market is located on Banuk Street and it is called the Medina Market, and it is possible to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as all food and a number of well-known crafts in this region, which is an open-air market, and it was opened in In 1994, it is also possible to obtain the finest baked goods, fish and meat through the market, as well as some celebrations and musical performances in the market, in addition to great programs for children, and this market is opened on Saturday every week.

Boise Zoo
Boise Zoo is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places there, as it includes a large and varied group of different types of animals, in addition to that it holds many exhibitions constantly, and also has a distinct exhibition of butterflies and an animal farm, through this farm the opportunity is given For children to feed llama deer, goats and sheep, this is in addition to holding animal shows, and the park receives various types of trips, as well as it also provides guides to accompany visitors.

St. Lawrence Restaurant in Boise
And this restaurant is considered one of the most beautiful and modern restaurants in the city, and it is characterized by its wonderful wooden décor, in addition to that it provides the opportunity for tourists to eat original American food, as it provides many menus that include various types of meat, shrimp, grill and others.

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