The forms and types of hotels have varied over the past decades, and the different experiences these hotels provide have become among the most attractive to tourists.

Hotels varied and their exotic designs were inspired by the areas in them, some of them may be luxurious and equipped with all amenities, while the experience of staying in others may be uncomfortable for many.
Some of them may provide the possibility to enjoy stunning landscapes or look at the depths of the sea from a leather bed, and in many cases they may not appear to be hotels at all.

“Crane Faralda” hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Guests may not welcome the location of this hotel on the dock and place it on an old crane, but they will be surprised when they enter the room that rises 150 feet and provides panoramic views of the sea, and this hotel was rated as providing one of the most exciting experiences in Europe, after opening it for a few months He was only nominated for three prestigious European awards.

The “Jumbo Stay” hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

A 1976 jumbo jet has transformed into a one-night guest hotel, where they can choose between a luxurious suite room, an economical dormitory room or double rooms. The luxury suite of this hotel is located inside the cockpit, which overlooks a beautiful panoramic plate, and also provides the opportunity to ride aircraft at the nearby Stockholm Arland Airport.

Hotel “Palacio de Sal”, Bolivia

This exotic hotel named “Palace of the Salt” is built on saline surfaces in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, and is made entirely of salt including furniture. It has a main lounge, bar and 16 rooms with private bathrooms and central heating. The hotel restaurant serves a daily meal named after salty chicken.

The Sand Castle, UK

The world’s first ‘Sand Castle’ hotel was opened recently on the shores of Weymouth, a coastal city located in Dorset, UK. The British sculptor Mark Anderson built the hotel from more than a thousand tons of sand, on an area of ​​15 square meters and a height of 4 meters. Guests can enjoy sleeping on a sand bed and relax in the sunshine in front of the tidal movement for USD 21 per night.

“Capsule” hotel in Japan

The concept of capsule is common in Japan so it is not surprising that the first hotel consisting of capsules was established in Osaka, and the cost of one night’s stay in these advanced capsules is about 30 pounds, and this idea went to Europe, where there are many of these hotels That piles capsules side-by-side to increase space.

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