Jeddah is one of the rich tourist areas with many different tourist attractions, and it is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Saudi Arabia, so it is called the Red Sea Bride in Saudi Arabia, and Jeddah is famous for its diversity and multiplicity of museums, and we will present to you the best museums in Jeddah

The most important museums in Jeddah

Abdel Raouf Khalil Museum

Abdel Raouf Khalil MuseumMuseums in Jeddah This museum is considered one of the most famous museums that exist in Jeddah, and this museum is located in one of the vibrant vibrant areas in Jeddah, where it is near King Fahd Hospital as well as the Mosque of Sayyid al-Shuhada, and this museum was opened in 1996, and this museum is distinguished With its simple designs, this museum contains many artifacts and artifacts, which belong to many different civilizations, including the Chinese, European, and various Islamic civilizations, and many other civilizations, and the museum also includes many impressive figures of animals, in addition to In addition to that it contains many precious holdings, and the museum was divided into several major sections or buildings, namely the mosque, as well as the Islamic Heritage House, in addition to the Arab Heritage House, alongside the World Heritage House and at the end the General Heritage Gallery, In addition to many other buildings, this museum includes about 18 halls for displaying various artifacts, the most important of which are the King Abdulaziz Hall and the Hall of Minerals and Stones among others.

The Home Arts Museum in Jeddah

The Home Arts Museum in JeddahMuseums in Jeddah: The Museum of Home Arts in Jeddah is one of the most important and best museums in Jeddah, and this museum is considered one of the most important tourist attractions that attract many visitors to it, and this museum is considered one of the unique museums, as it is specialized in displaying home arts and working on creativity In coordinating the different colors and collectibles inside the house, this museum is considered one of the most important landmarks of tourism because it shows visitors how to work on arranging their homes, palaces and villas. Besides that this museum includes among its sides many precious artifacts, which date back more than seventy years past, and this museum is unique in displaying a complete complete picture of the way homes are established wonderfully, and work to take into account the taste in interior designs with what is in line with culture Each community, it displays a set of different designs that suit different Arab countries as well as foreign. In addition to that this museum contains many different sculptures that explain the features of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and includes among its aspects the first covering of the Kaaba in addition to artistic and mural Different.

Jeddah Sculptures Museum

Jeddah Sculptures MuseumMuseums in Jeddah This museum is considered one of the international museums, and it is a product of cooperation between both the private sector and the public sector in Jeddah, and this museum contains many different holdings, as it contains 20 works restored out of 400 works purchased from international giants, including Alexander Calder, as well as Henry Moore, and other famous sculptor artists, who were bought by the Mayor of Jeddah Governorate, Mr. Mohammed Saeed Farsi. This group is one of the largest collections of models and models in the whole world, and twenty works are displayed in the open museum on an area of ​​7 km , And this space is a boundary A beautiful collar known as the Alhambra, and specialists work on developing and constantly updating the museum and working to provide it with various holdings through the restoration of the remaining figures, and work on the use of new figures as well, so this museum is one of the most important and best museums in Jeddah.

Al Tayebat International Museum for Science and Knowledge

Al Tayebat International Museum for Science and KnowledgeThe museums in Jeddah, the Museum of the city of Al-Tayebat International Science and Knowledge is considered the largest historical monument to Jeddah and Saudi Arabia, and was founded by Abdul Raouf Hassan Khalil, and the construction of this museum continued for a very large period of not less than fifteen years, as it includes many aspects of culture and Saudi civilization In addition to some traditional crafts, this museum consists of many pavilions and one of these pavilions is a pavilion of general culture, and this pavilion contains many wonderful traditional mural paintings, and these paintings are graded from ancient to modern, so the museum offers paintings that date back to the Stone Age For the different ages and up to the modern era. As for the second wing, it is the wing of Islamic civilization and contains many monuments and Islamic artifacts that date back to the previous 15 century. Among the most important things that are included in this suite are manuscripts and Qur’ans. In addition to the Saudi wing, it presents the environment and building style for many different countries. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other different wings.

Khuzam Palace Museum

Khuzam Palace MuseumMuseums in JeddahThe Khuzam Palace is considered one of the high-end royal palaces, which was inhabited by King Abdulaziz, and King Abdul Aziz used this palace as a bureau of the most important bureaus of the state in which he met officials and guests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and after the death of King Abdul Aziz, this palace was elevated in many The sites for various government positions, and in the end it was converted into a museum, and it was called the Jeddah Regional Museum. And this museum became one of the official museums in Jeddah when King Fahd bin Abdulaziz ordered to move the museum to the Antiquities and Museums Agency and that was in 1981, and it became a museum Officially opened For the public in 1995. This museum contains many holdings and exhibits dating back to ancient historical times, and this museum was divided into six different halls, the first hall which is more like the foyer, while the second includes a group of holdings before the advent of Islam, and the third from the emergence of Islam until the era The Hadith, the fourth is for King Abdulaziz, the fifth is for King Saud bin Abdulaziz, and the sixth is for the popular neighborhoods in the Kingdom.

Nassif House

Nassif HouseThe museums in Jeddah, Nassif’s house is one of the private houses of a Saudi sheikh, which has been converted into a museum over the years, and that was by order of King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, and he bought this palace with three million five hundred, and transformed it into one of the important museums in Jeddah, The importance of this palace lies in its building and huge architecture taken from the Ottoman style and this palace is considered the first palace that was designed in this style at that time, and this palace is considered one of the most important museums and cultural centers in Jeddah, which includes many rare collections, manuscripts and historical photos, so this museum is considered a beacon from Jeddah beacons, and so p N. Nassif House Museum and one of the most important and best museums in Jeddah, do not hesitate to visit.

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