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Jericho is the oldest residential city in Palestine

Jericho is considered the oldest city in Palestine and the oldest in the whole world, and its history dates back to the Stone Age, where the man inhabited it then, as the Canaanites lived in it, and the first human attempts to cultivate in this city were surrounded by the Israeli Prophet Joshua bin Nun for a long time, and its people resisted a great resistance And bitter until he conquered it, so the Jews called it the cursed city because of the problems they faced, and Nebuchadnezzar also occupied it and evacuated its inhabitants and its people to Babylon.

Information about the city of Jericho

One of the most important things to know about this city :

  • Location: Jericho is located in Palestine, specifically in the West Bank north of the Dead Sea, and is close to the Jordan River, so that the Jordan Mountains appear on the other bank of the Dead Sea.
  • History: Jericho dates back to the Stone Age, that is, nearly 11 centuries ago.
  • Agriculture: Jericho is characterized as a hot and humid region, and this climate made it famous for agriculture, it is famous for cultivating bananas, citrus and palm trees in the first place, as many grains such as wheat, barley, corn, and sesame are grown, most of these crops are consumed in West Bank cities and some are exported Abroad.
  • Industry: Jericho is famous for making fine artifacts, weaving with exquisite colors, and fizzy water due to the presence of many water eyes in it, as salts and minerals are extracted from the Dead Sea, which is used in the manufacture of many medical and cosmetic preparations.
  • Sports: Jericho Stadium is the second largest stadium in Palestine in terms of size, as it holds many matches between local and foreign teams.

Historical Sites

One of the most important monuments in the city of Jericho :

  • Hisham’s Palace: The landmarks of the palace were discovered in 1933, and Hisham’s palace is located in the north of Jericho, and Hisham bin Abdul Malik built it in the period he ruled in 105-125 AH on a ruin called Khirbet Al-Mafjar, but he was exposed to many circumstances that led to the destruction of some of the monuments in it, so it was restored during the era of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, and is considered one of the greatest historical and archaeological monuments that were built in the West Bank during the era of Umayyad rule.
  • The shrine of the Prophet Moses: The construction of the shrine was completed in the year 1269 AD during the period ruled by Sultan Al-Zahir Baybars. As for what this shrine contains at the present time, there is a lighthouse, mosque, and various small rooms in which many travelers or passers-by may rest, and celebrations are held annually in which the most beautiful Types of fabrics, antiques and delicious sweets.
  • Monastery of Qarnatl: The Monastery of Qarnatel is located to the north of Jericho, and it is also called the Forty Mountain, and this name was named as an indication of the number of days that Christ fasted, and tourists go to it either on foot or through vehicles hanging in the air (Tel Frik) that were created specifically to help the tourist see a greater As far as possible from that beautiful place.
  • Wadi Al Qallat: The valley is located in the old road connecting to the city of Jericho, and it is still hammered today through which tourists reach the Monastery of St. George, which is a valley between high rocks extending forty-five kilometers between Jericho and Jerusalem.

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