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Tokyo is the largest city in the world

The big cities in the world are numerous, and the countries that include such cities are used as an additional advantage to publicize tourism and investments as long as those cities have enjoyed enough luxury, as one of the signs of good management and government organization, and the big cities are classified according to several assessments, the first of which is the area and geographical area in which the city is located And the number of residents in the city and its suburbs, and the population numbers may be the same between one city and another in the world, but the space factor is the most important in that arrangement, and according to the figures, the largest giant cities in the world at the present time are the Japanese city of Tokyo, which is the capital Lumia is commercial and Japanese, and one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

The city of Tokyo

It is the capital of the Japanese Empire since 1868, and the most important cultural and economic center in the country at the present time, Tokyo is located west of the Gulf of Tokyo and has a total area of ​​13500 square kilometers, in which thirty-six million people live, and Tokyo has been heavily damaged by the American bombing in World War II , And it was rebuilt again to become one of the most important mega cities in the world.

The origins and development of Tokyo

The Japanese settled in the region in about the tenth century, then it became part of the territories of the Japanese Empire in the early twelfth century, and since the beginning of the seventeenth century it became the capital of Japan after the emperor decided to move the capital from Kyoto, and the city began to develop, and universities and industrial areas were established in it, and by the century Twenty the city had expanded and included dense urban gatherings to engulf small villages around it. After the Second World War and the reconstruction, the old houses were fading due to the frequent earthquakes, and modern buildings designed to withstand earthquakes were built.

Tokyo economy

Tokyo is the first industrial center in Japan, in addition to being one of the leaders of world trade, through its modern port that was developed in the second half of the twentieth century, and industrial activities vary between electronic industries, heavy industries, clothing and chemical industries, besides that the Tokyo Stock Exchange is the second largest Stock exchange in the world after the New York Stock Exchange.
Tokyo is connected to the rest of the Japanese regions with a large diversified road network, as high-speed rail lines connect the city to the nearby suburbs, and it also includes metro lines for internal transportation, in addition to land lines that use public buses heavily after they have been replaced by tram trains, and also has two airports The largest airport in Japan, one of which is intended for domestic flights only, is Haneda Airport.

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