The mountain road “Kira” is one of the most beautiful roads, because of its wonderful lighting. The road appears at night in a very creative way and distinguished by its picturesque curves and fog around the mountain. The lights of the road add to its charming touches and the architectural painting is completed in its best form. The Mountain Kara road deserves the most beautiful title in the Kingdom.
The mountain road “Kira” is located in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and overlooks the historic Wadi Numan, and it connects the city of Taif with other areas west and north, linking Taif – Al Hada – Makkah.

The road, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, heads to the giant mountain of Kara Al-Tod, to take from its summit the edge of the western Al-Hada in the slope and a crease between Mecca and Taif.
On the sides of Al Hada Highway, there are many entertainment cities that a visitor can see, such as the King Fahd Gardens, Mount Green, and the Waterfall.

It is mentioned that the beginning of the idea of ​​the project of constructing a road linking Taif to Al Hada and Mecca at a highway was when King Saud bin Abdulaziz visited the Al Hada region during his summer period in 1375 AH (1955 AD), where he issued an order to expand the Taif Al Hada Road in 1377 AH (1958 AD) to a ministry Transportation to construct and expand the Taif – Al Hada – Makkah Road project, with a length of 67 km.

The year 1385 AH came, for the Kingdom to witness the opening ceremony of the largest vital project for transportation, indeed the most important project the country is witnessing after the expansion of the Two Holy Mosques. King Faisal then patronized the opening ceremony of the Al-Hada Road and Jabal Kara, so the poets and writers’ mantle describes the magnitude of the mountain and its difficulty and repentance, then surrender, humiliation and oppression with a legendary project Unprecedented in the Arab region, which caused the cars to climb in lightness and pampering, so that it reached Alia with its base in a few minutes, after the camels and mules stumbled on its sides, so it would not end its arduous journey except by hard work in a day or half a day.

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