My trip to Azerbaijan “Azerbaijan” is an integrated guide on tourism in Azerbaijan. The Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the Turkish Islamic cities located in Eurasia, specifically in the Caucasus region, and it is widely spread by the Islamic religion. It includes the Caucasus Mountains, the Caspian Sea and a number of wide plains, which makes it one of the most beautiful Tourist places that many visitors and tourists visit, and through this article on Arab travelers we will take you on a trip to Azerbaijan.

The Republic of Azerbaijan

  • Azerbaijan is considered one of the most beautiful independent Turkish countries, and the Islamic religion is largely prevalent in spite of it being a secular country, some people call it the country of fire because of the fire that was lit by individuals in the past and worshiped them, and its capital is Baku, while the currency in circulation is manat, and speaks Its people are in Turkish, Russian and Azerbaijani.
  • It is one of the first secular democratic republics to be established in the Islamic world, and includes many scenic landscapes due to the passage of the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus Mountains and some vast plains.

The program of my trip to Azerbaijan

At the beginning of your trip to Azerbaijan, you will definitely need to obtain a visa in order to enter the country, and if you are a resident of the Gulf, the value of the visa will be about 50 USD, which is one of the types of visas that are easy to obtain.


  • Azerbaijan provides many airports that receive tourists and visitors periodically, and the services provided are considered a high degree of attention and care, and the prices for flights to Azerbaijan are medium and not overpriced.
  • As for transportation within the city, you can rent a private car there, whether with or without the driver.
  • The capital, Baku, also provides several metro stations, which helps you to move quickly between tourist places, for only 0.20 manat.
  • You can take the buses provided by the city, which gives you a one-day ticket for only one manat, but it will take you a long time until you reach the place you want to go to.
  • As for the taxi, it is widely available and starts from only three manats, and increases at every kilometer.

tourist guide

  • It is normal, upon your arrival in Azerbaijan, to search for a guide so that you can understand the language of the country’s population, and learn about its tourist attractions.
  • Many English speaking guides are available in Azerbaijan at an average cost.

Population of Azerbaijan

  • Of the most beautiful and prestigious people that you can meet, they treat each love and affection with visitors and tourists, and they describe you the way in a sound and accurate manner.
  • Their customs and character have overcome Turkish attributes, and they are characterized by simplicity and attractive appearance.
  • Most of its population is Muslim, but they are divided into Sunnis and Shiites, but strong relations prevail between them without any rejection or division.

the climate

  • The climate varies greatly, which made it include 11 different climatic regions in temperatures. Azerbaijan is affected by the cold air that reaches it through the cold regions of the poles and the currents coming from Siberia.

official language

  • The Azerbaijani language is the main language, which is spoken by most of the population of the republic, and is divided into northern and southern, and it has many dialects such as turkey, kashkai and Khalij, in addition to the presence of the Russian and Turkish language, but only slightly.
  • You may find some people speak Arabic but this is very rare, as there are many words in the Azerbaijani language which are very similar to the Arabic language.
  • In restaurants and major hotels, you will face a problem in the absence of someone who speaks English, so you should take a tour guide to understand the language and be able to communicate with others.

Security situation

  • Azerbaijan provides all amenities and safety, and it is widely spread in the morning and evening.

The official currency

  • The country’s official currency is manat, equivalent to about one and a half dollars, and it changes according to economic fluctuations and changes in currency rates. Azerbaijan provides many machines that work to convert the currency all the time.
  • Networks

    There are three communication networks in Azerbaijan:

    • The Azriel network, which is one of the best networks in the country.
    • Buck Seal Network.
    • Fire network.

Tourism in Azerbaijan

  • It is considered one of the best tourist destinations that can be visited every time of the year, as it possesses many breathtaking landscapes that make you feel comfortable, calm and relaxed that you would like to have thanks to its high mountains, flowering gardens, and views of the distinctive Caspian Sea coast.
  • It contains many tourist attractions, monuments, museums and galleries that you will enjoy a lot when watching them, but you must observe the official dates for them that start from nine in the morning until six in the afternoon.
  • It is sufficient for you to visit the capital, Baku, to enjoy the distinguished mix between Islamic civilization and modern European civilizations, in addition to its great wall, which includes motifs and inscriptions distinguished by Arabic calligraphy and inscribed with some verses of the Noble Qur’an.
  • The city is distinguished by the cleanliness of its streets and the beauty of the architectural design, which you will be surprised to see from its wonderful appearance and its vertical shapes.
  • Tourism in this republic helped create a state of economic prosperity, and it also worked to rid the country of the effects of the wars that it witnessed, which greatly affected its progress and prosperity.

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