Learn about the road from Zell am See to Venice and the easy way to reach it, many resort to visit Vienna (Venice), because it is one of the special places, and many may be confused about how to get to Vienna from Zell am See whether by private car or train, and here we will discover how to get to Vienna (Venice ) From Zell am See on the Arab Travelers website.

Road from Zell am See to Venice by train:

Venice can be reached by traveling by train, in order to arrive faster, trains are a common means of transportation that many people resort to using, because it provides comfort on the way, and on the road from Zell am See to Venice, it is as follows by train :

  • Departure from Zell am See is by train, and after only an hour and a half has passed the train has reached Schwarzach-St Station, and after arriving at this station, the train is changed, standing for some time at this station until completion.
  • After that the train starts to start again from Schwarzach-St station and then continues its course for another hour and a half, until reaching the city of Villach, and then the train changes again, and a little rest for the passengers.
  • After that the train starts to start again, in order to go to the scene for the positions of Venice, but this distance is estimated at about two and a half hours, and as you can get off the train at Villach station, and ride on one of the buses near the station, and also to go to Venice, And the road will be three hours as well.

Travel time from Zell am See to Venice:

As for the time for travel from Zell am See to reach Venice (Venice), it is estimated at about five and a half hours, and in some cases it may reach six hours, in the case of traveling by train, because of the rest stops in which the train stands, and can also travel through Taking cars, but the road will also be in about five hours, and upon returning again to Zell am See you will estimate the same distance by an additional five hours.

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