A guide for the best tourism countries in the world is recommended to visit, travel and tourism are among the things that concern many travel lovers around the world, which occupies a lot of research and effort to reach the best destinations that meet their aspirations and identify cities that are packed with various activities and that includes many archaeological monuments And, in our article today, we will show some of the tourist countries that attract many tourists, which were identified after doing a rough statistics on the best countries of tourism through an approximate inventory of the numbers of tourists interested in visiting them, and listing the attractive tourist attractions in which they are located, and here are the most important details on Arab travelers.

The best countries of tourism in the world:

Tourism in South Korea :

South Korea
South Korea is rich in many high-level tourism potentials, especially after the opening of the new Seoul-lo7017 area in the country’s capital, this region which includes many cafes, high parks and libraries, especially after it won hosting the 2020 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, which is easy To it by high-speed train, watching the tall skyscrapers, visiting the old lanes in Bakshun Village, which is characterized by its old wooden houses, and enjoying practicing a lot of different games, especially golf, where SEO is famous for its many golf courses. A luxury.

  • Tourism in Iceland:

Many people go to Iceland specifically to visit Reykjavik, this safe and rich city with many picturesque natural attractions, as well as for its generosity, hospitality and kindness in dealing with tourists, and to visit the capital that is packed with many civilizations and arts and its delicious dishes, so it is advisable to visit the National Museum and visit Church of Halgrimore, and going to the Blue Lagoon Thermal Resort. This resort is located within the Lava field, so you can enjoy a bath in the hot and rich waters of the resort with many types of minerals that have healing properties.

  • tourism in Turkey :

It is considered one of the most preferred tourist destinations among Arab tourists, especially Istanbul, where markets, malls, the Bosphorus Strait and its tourist attractions are not counted, and a visit to various Turkish cities in order to get to know closely the features of the Ottoman civilization or from relaxing or lying on the beaches of Antalya, Bursa, Oludeniz and Bodrum, or enjoying Skating in Davraz and Uludag.

  • Tourism in Vietnam:

It is an ideal destination for food lovers, especially that Vietnamese dishes combine a healthy and delicious taste at the same time. Vietnam is famous for its various fish dishes, lobsters, crabs and other delicious vegetable dishes, in addition to its moderate climate and the diversity of nature in addition to its cheap costs and the multiplicity of recreational activities in it. You can enjoy a visit to Halong Bay, which is the jewel of tourism in Vietnam, a visit to Hanoi, which is filled with many shops and small hotels, which is famous for the lake Huan Kim with poetic lights, and a visit to the temple located in the city center.

  • tourism in Egypt :

Throughout its history, Egypt has been known as a favorite destination for many who love tourism, in addition to discovering the ancient Egyptian ruins and temples, adding to its geographical location, moderation of its climate and the beauty of its coastline extending to the Red and Mediterranean Sea, in addition to its beaches that are filled with great treasures of rare coral reefs. And the cultural and tourist diversity that distinguishes it, especially that Egypt is considered one of the most rich countries in various types of tourism, whether beach tourism, monuments, resorts, environmental tourism and others. This is the town that many civilizations flocked to and left a share behind. Abundant on its land, such as the Ottoman civilization, which left many monuments and monuments and Islamic civilization in various eras and Romen and Byzantine civilization and others.

  • Tourism in South Africa:

South Africa
It is considered one of the most preferred destinations for all ecotourism lovers, because of its unique wildlife, beaches and mountains. It is a vibrant country of culture that includes a number of international cities such as Cape Town.

Tourism in Spain:

Or the Iberian Peninsula, which includes hundreds of the most exciting tourist destinations, and Spain is diversified by its unique nature, its varied terrain and its popular cities such as the vibrant city of Madrid, and the city of Barcelona that is bustling with beautiful beaches, in addition to its stunning Andalusian landmarks in both Seville and Cordoba Granada and its unique picturesque beaches that characterize the Caribbean islands.

  • Tourism in Switzerland:

It has a great position in the hearts of Arab tourists, and is considered one of the most popular destinations among Arab travelers, as its atmosphere and splendid scenery are from the charming countries and its heritage and archaeological sites, this charming country whose name is always integrated into the lists of the happiest countries in the world.

  • Tourism in China:

It is the largest country in the world in terms of population density, this country that is clouded by adventure and mystery, so the trip to China is like a trip to the world of legends, where its archaeological treasures especially the Great Wall of China and its tall towers and green spaces, and transport by its high-speed trains, and enjoy the best times in Disney City Recreational located in Shanghai.

  • Tourism in India:

Which is considered one of the symbol of the East West, this huge country rich in natural components and vast areas, as well as its social and cultural diversity.

  • Tourism in Georgia:

Where the wonderful mountain nature and its archaeological monuments and historical treasures all this made it a favorite interface for many.

  • Tourism in Italy:

This country which is considered a wonderful combination of the most beautiful international cities that narrates many stories throughout its ancient and modern history, this country that enjoys a pure nature recites the verses of beauty in all its parts, Italy, this wonderful country that many romantic poets said about many lines of romance and praise, It is a mix that combines all the arts and satisfies all tastes. In it, there are archaeological features that tell about many civilizations that flocked to them, in addition to their picturesque nature and attractive beaches located on the coasts of the Mediterranean. All this we add to it the italyn cuisine, which is considered one of the best kitchens in the world.

  • Tourism in France:

A country of beauty and magic that still retains its place in the hearts of its lovers, it is still seated on the throne of tourist countries and was and still is the most attractive country for tourists, where the Eiffel Tower is the most famous landmark and the Louvre Museum, which is the favorite interface for all artists of the world, in addition to white rides in Camargue and Farasa Palace Touring the lavender fields in Parvons, enjoy a yacht tour around Saint-Tropez Bay, or camping on the island of Corsica.

  • tourism in Morocco :

Morocco, West, sunset
Where the huge mixture of all colors, the city of Marrakech or what is known as the red city, which is always classified as among the lists of the best tourist cities to visit, in addition to the city of Chefchaouen, which is known as the blue city where the ancient Kasbah as well as the city of Casablanca and the originality of the city of Meknes and Fez and its coast The long one that extends over the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlas mule, which includes many colors.

  • Tourism in Tanzania:

Which is famous as a home to the wonderful safaris in the Serengeti National Park, as well as its reputation for attracting many adventure enthusiasts who love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, while on the eastern side of Tanzania there is the island of Zanzibar, which is characterized by its virgin beaches.

  • Tourism in Dubai:

It is considered one of the best modern tourist destinations in the world, and it is distinguished by its many vibrant tourism activities as well as its activities, restaurants and commercial centers.

  • Tourism in Djibouti:

This city, which is unique in its charming nature, is divided into three sections, which are the vast areas of crustal land and salt lakes similar to the nature of Mars in addition to its desert, in addition to its fame in many marine and land activities.

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