This small and charming country is located between Romenia and Ukraine, where friendly people receive visitors in the fields of bright sunflowers scattered in the heart of the charming virgin nature that has kept its secrets in the caves hidden between the lands of the vine surrounding the elegant capital that celebrates its heritage and its beautiful and rare simplicity in our time, where there is no Modern European facilities and not the advanced technology that dominated all the hotels of the world, it will be a human journey with unspoiled nature.
These beautiful countries are distinguished by their warm friendly residents who receive tourists with their wonderful smile, delicious dishes and local drinks, and the people of Moldova are proud of the vine lands that decorate the country from one extreme to the other, and they hold a major annual festival in the capital to celebrate the historical local grape varieties that have set records in the world.

The wonders of this small country are combined with its unique history and heritage, with cultures varying between the main cities of Chisinau, Orhole Vichy, and Tiraspol (Transnistria).
The Gagauz people in the south enjoy its culture, history, and traditions that have been contiguous with the people of Transnistria, as time remains constant on the opposite side of the Dniester River.
Kurdish forests cover the heart of the country that the Rome take home to Soroka, visiting their mysterious towns will add new colors and memories that you may not have experienced before. The historic Orhei complex, about 50 km north of Chisinau, which celebrates its long standing and striking natural beauty, cannot be missed. It occupies a series of remote rocky hills above the River Rut and is known as the Monastery of the Caves. In the early Middle Ages.

The story is complete in the caves of monasteries carved up the mountains and the heart of rocks sloping towards a picturesque valley full of fairy tales and legends spanning thousands of years. The wonderful nature of Moldova will inspire you to go nature, climb mountains, cycle bikes, or take a walk through the ancient forests and explore “Emil Racovita Cave” which is one of the tallest caves in the world. Visitors can also stay in beautiful camps, try local crafts and live with the good villagers, and they will keep free internet access throughout the country, even in cafes, trolley buses and green parks.

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