Despite its picturesque golden beaches and charming nature, Chile is one of the best astronomical observation destinations in the world, where vineyards, plants, animals, pisco factories, and distinctive star paintings attract hundreds of tourists who enjoy the green landscapes located in the mountains.

The Elcoe Valley is located in the heart of the de Coquimbo region, home to many natural and heavenly phenomena. The habitats of observatories will witness on the 2nd of July next a total eclipse of the moon. The magic of the valley is completed by the beautiful natural paths surrounded by the majestic Andes Mountains, about 450 km north of the city of Santiago de Chile.
The main city of the valley in Vicuna is considered one of the most important tourist attractions because it is the birthplace of the Chilean poet, winner of the Nobel Prize, Gabriela Mistral, as well as its brilliant monuments and enduring medieval towers, and the colorful city contains a lot of beautiful cafes and wonderful restaurants, and there are also two markets in the valley For craftsmen, where the most beautiful souvenirs can be obtained.

Deep in the valley there is a small town called Hurcon with a modest market full of textiles, jewelry and natural cosmetics. Activities in the valley include horseback riding and sun rays and the clear sky among the green vineyards. It is also not to be missed visiting the ancient distilleries in the attractive city of Pisco Elkoy.
The valley testifies to the serenity of the sky and organizes the movement of galaxies throughout 365 days a year, and the most powerful telescopes spread in the world, and there are more than ten observatories along the Avenue of Stars that begins in the town of La Serena and ends in the Andean village of Alcuaz. Camping in the valley provides the opportunity to see the Milky Way movement, which is clearly visible when the magical bright moon lights disappear.

And near the village of Viconia, there is the town of Villa Seca that glistens in the sun for local residents to cook, and therefore the unique solar restaurants abound in it. The kitchen in North Chile is characterized by a variety of legumes and grains due to the dry climate. About the ancient Inca culture.
It is recommended to visit Elkou Valley in Chile during the summer period that extends from December to February, when the sky is clear and decorated with stars, while during the winter there are few opportunities to see the Milky Way and enjoy the stars’ tours due to the clouds that may fill the atmosphere.

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