“Budapest” surpasses all other capitals in the world, in that it has the largest number of hot therapeutic baths, and is also home to an impressive selection of thermal baths, which date back a large number of them to the 16th century, and for this reason many people flee from pressure Life to “Budapest” to enjoy a little quality of life.

The Hungarian capital “Budapest”

The thermal spa baths in “Budapest” were built in the shape of a beautiful palace in a stunning design by the Turks and Romens during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, where the architect Kegelergizo created in 1931, and was at that time the most visited places in Budapest.

“Budapest” has more than 80 geothermal springs, above dozens of baths, whose temperature ranges between 21 to 78 degrees Celsius, and in conjunction with the flow of this hot natural water under the city, it also includes hundreds of caves, the largest thermal caves in the world.

The most famous baths “Budapest”

Steny bath is one of the most prominent “Budapest” baths, as it is one of the largest spa resorts in Europe, it includes 18 swimming pools of hot groundwater, sauna rooms, oil therapy services, massage inside hot water.

The Schinyi bath also includes regular swimming pools, very beautiful, and provides the visitor with the opportunity to enjoy a time full of fun and happiness through the activities and parties provided by the bathrooms, in addition to taking a rest and relaxation.

Gellert bath is beautiful and splendid in design, and it is called “Palace of the Baths”, and it includes 10 swimming pools of varying temperatures and saturated with healthy minerals, in addition to saunas and massages in its forms, and also contains Rodas Bath which is one of the most famous Ottoman monuments that stayed in Budapest.

Visiting these baths is a beneficial and healthy thing for humans physically and psychologically, as these components contribute to the recovery from some degenerative diseases and joint infections, as well as being a drug for bone problems.

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