The “Lapland Hotels SnowVillage” hotel group, in cooperation with “HBO Nordic”, reopened the hotel of the Game of Thrones, which was made entirely of snow and ice, formerly known as “SnowVillage” and was used to embody subjects from the surrounding nature. The hotel is located in “Kittila” within the Arctic Circle, about an hour and a half by plane from Helsinki.

The Snowflage took only five weeks to build, and these “GoT” snow wings were designed by professional Galilean sculptors from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The hotel has 16 suites in Baelor, a throne of iron and a very realistic dragon. The suites feature amazing statues carved on the walls of the hotel, the most famous of which is the giant “Wun Wun” watching you as you sleep.

The temperature inside the ice hotel is only 23 degrees Fahrenheit, just ten degrees outside. Guests will receive a warm sleeping bag and a cup of hot berry juice in the morning. The hotel recommends that guests staying for one night only book “igloo” and enjoy the rest of their stay in one of the comfortable cabins nearby.

SnowVillage is one of the most popular wedding venues, and in the coming season, it will host between 25 and 30 wedding parties. It will also contain an icy cinema, where a short movie will be shown daily on the stages of building the hotel. Visitors can enjoy a three-course meal at the Ice Restaurant, where local food is available, while the most popular beverage is available at “IceBar”, which is served in icy cups.
The cost of entry to “SnowVillage” is about $ 20, equivalent to 17,50 euros, and room rates start from $ 550 (480 euros) per night, and the hotel will receive its visitors until the date of April 21, 2019

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