The price of stay in this luxurious hotel suite reaches $ 200,000 per night, in exchange for enjoying all the amazing benefits it provides to its visitors with a unique experience of luxury.

Once you enter the hotel, you will be greeted by three tiger shark dwellings inside huge water basins, each of which reaches 13 feet.
The design of this hotel suite has been implemented to give its visitors an exceptional pleasure in living in a villa in the midst of the clouds. It is a two-storey neighborhood and its area extends to 9000 square meters.

empathy-suite-damien-hirst-065empathy-suite-damien-hirst-065empathy-suite-damien-hirst-065empathy-suite-damien-hirst-053empathy-suite-damien-hirst-053empathy-suite-damien-hirst-053Exceptional luxury in the most expensive hotel in the world

The hotel suite gives its visitors an exceptional artistic case, which includes among its walls the brilliant works of Damian Hurst.

Visitors to this upscale hotel suite have a very luxurious and enjoyable experience, as they are allowed to use all the services of the hotel, including shopping malls, theater, club and photography.

It also provides them with the most expensive hotel suite in the world, amenities and entertainment by providing a private driver to travel in various areas of the city

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