This island is one of the most important and most famous tourist islands that exist on the territory of the state of Malaysia, which is known for its picturesque and distinctive nature without many other Asian countries. It is also worth noting that this island is known as always coming to tourists to participate in many activities Various waterfalls, the most important of which is diving and enjoying the beautiful nature and the distinctive sun rays that are located on this island, which makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in the Malaysian state, where its many gardens in addition to the different animals that live in it, as it is also famous for the international theaters that strengthen M has many of the most important international festivals and festivals, and it is also worth noting that this wonderful and busy country is one of the most important economic, financial, cultural and political centers as well, as this wonderful country has hosted many different international sporting activities, but all This does not substitute for the ancient civilization that the entire state of Malaysia was famous for in the past, as it was exposed to many colonies, which had helped in the exchange of many cultures and the construction of many historical Chinese facilities, which are known for their historical importance at the world level to this day, which makes many The Tourists flock to it in a large way, and the island of Tengku Abdul Rahman is one of the most important and most famous tourist islands in which it is located.

And as we have previously talked about the island of Tengku Abdul Rahman, it is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions that are distinguished by many picturesque tourist areas. It is also worth noting that this island is located specifically in front of the coast of Kota Kina Palu, as it consists of five islands and they are Gaia and Manu Kan And Salaj, Sabi, and Mamo Tek are among the most beautiful tourist islands in terms of climate and the beauty of the natural environment as well. It is also possible for visitors to move between these islands in a short time, because the distance between these islands is very small and it is also possible for visitors to move Among them by boat and it is also worth noting that This island is considered to be one of the best and most beautiful islands that the neighboring residents can spend the weekend along with other tourists and visitors to this island to spend a beautiful and enjoyable time. A study on the number of visitors and tourists to this island has recently achieved about three hundred thousand tourists annually.

It is also known that the best times to visit the picturesque beautiful island of Tenco Abdel Rahman during the year is the period between the month of March and the month of October, as this period has a very beautiful and splendid climate. As for the period between October and February, the wind season is And the island is closed to visitors and tourists, because it mainly depends on diving trips and the pleasure of fishing, which is difficult to achieve because of the presence of these winds and strong air currents.

It is also worth noting that the island of Tengku Abdul Rahman has many diving areas scattered everywhere and that there are about twenty five diving schools close to these areas on the island’s land, that each school separately organize trips to enjoy diving and exploring the sights Wonderful and picturesque underwater, these schools also offer diving trips to the islands surrounding this island as an additional service to these islands.

It is also known about the island of Tengku Abdul Rahman, it contains many basic attractions that make all tourists flock to it and the most important activities that are held on this island are diving and snorkeling to see many natural landscapes under the depths of the waters besides watching enjoying the sunbathing Picturesque and visited many different beaches, which can be rafting and kayaking also.

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