Waingapu, one of the main islands of Indonesia, is the most mysterious island in the Sumba island group, east of Nusa Tenggara, although it is larger than Bali and Lombok, but there is little demand for it, and its population is small. Is one of the countries with a charming and calm nature, suitable for adventure and excitement lovers and lovers of traditional artistic heritage, and seeing and photographing heritage industries, everywhere you will discover many and many things.

How to get to Wangapo Island:

By plane :
For Luongabo, a small airport serves regular flights from Denpasar, the capital of the island of Bali, so it makes it easy to reach, the duration of the trip is 90 minutes, and Ombaho ​​Airport can be reached by taking ferries close to the island, also the tourist should be ready to delay the flights, the airport is small, capacity Its absorption is small, trips may be delayed a bit.

Take the ferry to Wingabo:
The island is well connected to both Flores and Sumbawa, by ferry, and the ferry operates seven days a week for 10-14 hours per day, but the journey takes a large number of hours about 9 hours, the cruise is characterized by low cost, and there is a schedule for the arrival of ferries and takeoff You can inquire at Pelni and ASDP offices near the old port.

To arrive in Wangabo by bus:
The bus is easy to ride, but the roads are very difficult, most of which are mountainous. The bus goes from Waengabu to Waikabubak, which is the second major city in Sumba, and tours are regular throughout the day and are between 4.5-5 hours.

Highlights of Wingaboo Island:
1- The Traditional Textile Market: Known as Ikat, where Sumba Island is famous as one of the most famous places that offer fine fabric in Indonesia, a kind of complex fabric, beautifully colored, and depicted with beautiful scenes of Indonesian animals and legends, alongside you will see The traditional outfit of ikat, and the beautiful men circular, are pieces that are sold at high prices.
Visiting the Brailu Village: The village of Prailu is a short distance from the Wangabo Market, you find this village, one of the most famous villages in the production of this traditional weaving, you find the greatest weavers, and the pieces of weaving are cheap, one of the distinctive things to buy souvenirs for family and relatives Also, it is a great opportunity for art lovers, who will take creative photos that detail this industry, besides that the village is characterized by breathtaking natural beauty.

The island’s traditional heritage:
The island is less visited than other islands like Java, Bali, and Lombok, but it poses a real challenge for a commoner to learn about the traditional traditions, by visiting the villages that surround them, it is an independent world like Prailang and Sumbanese villages, when entering the village you must pay the price of entry, from 5- Approximately $ 7, as a help to the villagers, for these villages has a very beautiful architectural heritage you find small, low-timbered houses built of huge straw roofs called puritan hats, the bus passes from Yingapu near Brailang, and you can also rent a motorbike to reach.

Residence on the island:
Because it is from the unknown islands, it does not have a high demand from tourists, as the residences seem somewhat modest, but there are options for accommodation, such as staying in guest houses, and from the modern hotels Hotel Tanto, located in the center of Wingabo, meets the need of businessmen and tourists, and the hotel is clean And high quality, 24-hour customer service, and there is the possibility to book a plane.
Address: Jl. Prof. Dr. W. Z. Yohanes No. 14, Waingapu, Prailiu, Kambera, Kabupaten Sumba Timur, Nusa Tenggara Tim. 87112, Indonesia
Phone: 6238762500
There are other, less budgetary options like Hotel Merlyn, Hotel Sandlewood, and Merlyn are traditional hotels that have many rooms but are more expensive.

Restaurants and Food in Wengganu:
Restaurants are famous for serving Indonesian fried chicken meals, and grilled fish in traditional ways. There are restaurants that serve western dishes alongside oriental dishes, the most famous of which is the Javanese restaurant. Do not forget to try Indonesian coffee, roasting is done manually on the island.
Wingabo is the gateway to the island of Sumba, not a shining city, but suitable for calm lovers and those looking for new investments, those looking for traditional villages with traditional architecture, lovers of handicrafts from carpets and fabric, and of course, photography lovers.

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