Tips for saving money at the hotel

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Many can book a hotel room, but only a few can do a great deal of saving money while booking or staying in the hotel. To reach this experience, you have a set of tips that will help you to book a hotel room and save a lot of money.

Make a reservation at the hotel without an intermediary:

If you deal with booking your hotel room through intermediary websites, the sites will get you an additional commission that will be added to the cost of reserving your room, while if you go to the website of the hotel that you choose and book your rooms from it directly, you will find that the cost of the stay is much less than the cost that you will find On intermediary sites, in addition to that, there are many hotels that offer their hotel units at discounted prices on their main website as part of its policy to encourage their customers to use their main site instead of intermediary sites, which will guarantee you to save a lot of money.

Earn extra miles with every reservation:

Reservation through the main hotel website is one of the things that is recommended when you book the hotel in order to save more money, but if you are traveling regularly, we advise you to use the Rocketmiles website to reserve your hotel room, you will not get a discount on the cost of booking your hotel room through this site, But you will get free travel miles with frequent reservations and free flights as well. In the end, you will find that you saved more money than you would when you booked through the main hotel website.

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Choose the best booking date to get the discount:

There is an application that can help you follow up on hotel discounts and it is the website application that updates its hotel information periodically to inform you about the time when hotel room rates decrease and the duration of hotel offers.

Last minute deals:

If you do not book their hotel rooms long before, you can take advantage of last minute offers by using an application such as Hotel Tonight or Booking Now, an application of this kind will tell you the offers that hotels offer on their rooms that have not been booked.

Choose hotels on weekdays:

Large hotels that many businessmen and travelers travel on business trips. The prices of their hotel units are usually high during the days of the week and relatively low during the weekends. On the contrary, relatively small hotels that are famous for being a perfect place to spend a romantic weekend spend less cost of accommodation during Days of the week increase during weekends, and by knowing this you can choose the type of hotel that will save you more money.

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Reservation Sale:

If you book your hotel room in a hotel that does not return the reservation funds in the event of canceling the reservation, and you find that your plans have changed and that you will not use the room you booked, you can resell your hotel room reservation via a website like,, definitely you will not get The reservation funds are complete because you will have to make a discount in order to sell your room reservation and the intermediary site will get a commission from the reservation sale process, but that will be better than losing the reservation money in full.

Tips for saving money at the hotel - Tips for saving money at the hotel
Tips that will help you save money when you stay at the hotel

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Check in with the hotel directly to reserve your room

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1581286312 676 Tips for saving money at the hotel - Tips for saving money at the hotel
Use wireless internet

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Choose the right hotels by week

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Earn extra miles with every hotel reservation

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