The Danish coastal town of Tisfeldeldej is inhabited by a small group of people, and it was also one of the most famous holy places in ancient times that pilgrims from all over the world came to heal diseases thanks to its waters with healing properties. Magic has returned to the forgotten city to become one of the most popular destinations in 2019, but the city is still small and consists of a main road littered on its sides by some beautiful restaurants, bakeries and small shops, in addition to some elegant and historical hotels dating back to the nineteenth century.

Most visitors prefer to stay in thatched-roof huts scattered around castles that tell fairy tales in front of large areas of white sand backed by sand dunes full of bright beach shacks. Activities vary in nature and the outdoors when the weather is not windy, while the coast and its humble villages provide a lot of artistic and cultural activities for those interested in history, art and modern architecture, and children can enjoy the royal courts that provide a lot of traditional activities such as horse riding and throwing stock.

The charming “Troldeskoven” forest stretches behind quiet beaches and is home to 100-180 years old pine trees. It is part of the “Tisvilde Hegn” Forest which is the fifth largest forest in Denmark and contains many rare and unique plants and animals.
Activities vary on the beaches of Tesfeldige, which are popular for windsurfing, canoeing and fishing. Visitors can take surfing courses in the area. The “Arresø” and “Esrum Sø” lakes are ideal for boating and kayaking, while Lake Oresund is popular for fishing . Of course, visitors can ride bicycles, Denmark’s most famous sport, in the fresh air and discover beautiful forests, fields and beaches, up to the legendary Helen shrine.

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