A unique gastronomic experience is a must for many travelers on their recreational break (and why not)! Especially since these dining experiences play a big role in choosing the desired resort. With the industry-leading Executive Chef Stephen Hill, you can enjoy surfing with delicious Maldivian delicacies at the local resort, Coco Bodu Hithi.

And whether it is related to professional cooking, or traceability, or the overall movement towards modern ingredients, the global food trends affect the lives of everyone, and perhaps more on the island’s remote paradise where the primary focus is on food and general immersion in it.

For his part, Stephen describes the way he and his team give guests the opportunity to taste his passion using the finest fresh ingredients to provide exceptional dishes, saying: “We have a lot of food lovers who visit“ Coco Bodo Heathy ”; and who are primarily interested in the food along with the dining experience , From everything that surrounds the place to the services provided at the tables. We try to provide the best items from all over the world, where we serve food on a seasonal basis, drawing inspiration from our local experience and our global taste, and we offer a true taste experience, rarely found elsewhere. ”

Being able to adapt to a guest’s culinary journey, this makes the island self-contained. “The Maldivian food dishes are very delicious, and our customers only expect the best,” Hill says. Our guests are not only from Europe and the West, but also from the Middle East, India and China. We have to adapt to their taste to give them the best integrated experience and offers. ”

Coco Bodo Hithi has recently taken on a field of molecular culinary art, which relies on a scientific method to create new and unique foods. Distinguished dishes at this resort such as popping balls, lemon foam and squid ink are an example of this. “Molecular gastronomy is a new method of cooking and preparing food. It relies on serving recipes and dishes in a unique and unique manner in accurate manipulation of ingredients and flavors and the method of cooking to create new foods and recipes,” says Chef Hill.

The island’s interest in culinary arts is evident, as it recently hosted Tom Kitchen, the youngest Michelin star chef in Scotland. Coco Bodo Heathy also hosted other pioneering chefs such as Philippe Stein, the youngest Michelin-stared chef in Germany, and Michelin-starred chef Friedrich Dusit from the famous Friedrich Dusit restaurant, often containing pop-up, interesting and inspiring kitchens on the island.
Bodo Heathy will soon offer a fully organic menu and wellness menu for spa guests, and even its own brand of French caviar, including three varieties of Ossetra caviar, Beluga caviar and Safvargar caviar.

“We expand the borders every day. Standing in the world of good food is stopping inspiration as being in the kitchen revolves around an endless quest for inspiration and an expression of passion for the dish. At “Coco Bodu Hithi” this is what we do in all our restaurants, we put our passion in the dish.

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