Vialand Istanbul Mall is the largest shopping mall in the largest commercial entertainment city in Istanbul and it is located in Sultan Ayub Istanbul, and it is one of the most famous and most attractive malls in Istanbul.

With Vialand Mall Istanbul, you will combine the enjoyable shopping experience in the most luxurious shops with an exciting adventure adventure at the same time, it is not an ordinary mall, but it contains the huge Vialand Istanbul theme park for adults and children, you will be able to spend the most enjoyable and wonderful times with your family or friends during the tourism trip in Turkey Your own

The most important activities that can be done in Via Land Mall in Istanbul

• You can start your day by taking a tour to explore the places in Vialand Istanbul Mall to know how you will be able to enjoy it.

• After that, you can head to Vialand Istanbul and start exploring exciting and most suitable games for your family. There are games suitable for adults only, children only, or both.

Vialand Mall Istanbul

• Then you can try the high-rise games and live the excitement you were looking for, in addition to enjoying watching the theme park from the top, which will be an unforgettable experience so you never miss it.

• Take your children to their own gaming area where they find fun and safety such as a car ride game, a myth tree, a train game, firefighters, or you can head them to the animated theater.

• After you enjoy the exciting adult games and your children enjoy their own fun games you can ride the game Crazy River together, which will represent you a small family picnic with a great amount of thrill.

• Then you can see the evolution of Istanbul’s heritage history through the Fatih Dream game, which you will find interesting and exciting for you and your children as well.

Via Land Istanbul Mall

• Now almost half of your day has passed and it is time to visit Vialand Istanbul Mall and enjoy it to the end of your day. Perhaps the most thing you think about now is taking a break in a restaurant to have a delicious meal and drinking a cup of coffee. The mall includes a large number of restaurants and cafes that provide visitors with the most delicious Dishes and delicious drinks, so take a break and have your meal complete the perfect day.

• You can now shop in many options from a variety of stores that include the finest and most famous brands, and you can also buy valuable souvenirs from one of the distinctive gift stores.

• Do not forget to enter one of the mall cinemas that offer the latest fun movies, and this is to complete the atmosphere of happiness that you spent in your day.

• Close your day at Vialand Mall Istanbul with an open-air concert and enjoy unique artistic performances.

Via Land Mall in Istanbul

Entrance prices to Vialand Mall Istanbul

For children aged 4 years to 14 years, 229 TL, equal to 39.1 USD.

For adults over 14 years old 239 TL, or $ 40.8.

For children under three years free of charge.

You can find out the prices of Vialand Istanbul tickets for the games in detail through the dedicated article .. click here

times of work

Daily from 10:30 in the morning until 9:30 in the evening

Hotels near Vialand Istanbul Mall

Vialand Istanbul Hotel, which is one of the best 5-star Istanbul hotels, is located in the heart of Vialand Istanbul.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Istanbul Holiday Inn Home & Suites has received a great evaluation due to its location, services, comfort, hygiene, staff and more.

Hotel reservation

Movenpick Hotel Golden Horn is one of the best hotels in Istanbul, 3.1 km from Vialand Mall Istanbul.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Movenpick Hotel Golden Horn is rated very good for location, staff, views, and food.

Vialand Istanbul Mall location

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