Ortakoy restaurants is one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul, because this region by its position overlooking the Bosphorus has become an important destination for tourism in the city of Istanbul, due to the vitality and entertainment activities of that region, which includes many shops and the most famous restaurants and cafes with charming sessions.

Ortakoy Istanbul is considered one of the most prominent areas of Istanbul that has won the admiration of tourists, so there is no tourist who does not know this region and call it the resort of the Sultans because of its scenic places and tourist attractions.

Best Ortakoy hotels

Ortakoy region includes a distinguished group of hotels for its services and facilities that guarantee its guests comfort and luxury, beside its unique location near the most famous tourist attractions, and this tab includes the best Istanbul hotels in Ortakoy according to the reviews of its previous visitors .. Read more

Ortakoy restaurants

The best restaurants of Ortakoy Istanbul

The Ortakoy region is characterized by its vital location, which is 2 km from the port of Besiktas and includes a lot of tourist restaurants that attract visitors, providing them with a calm atmosphere and more than wonderful sessions in addition to delicious food and distinguished service, for this we have dedicated this article to preparing a detailed list that includes the best restaurants Ortakoy tried.

Ali Baba Nargil Restaurant

The best restaurant in Ortakoy, it is a very popular restaurant that offers a variety of dishes from international and Turkish cuisine in addition to hot and cold drinks, has a breathtaking view of the coast of Ortakoy that captures your heart and finds you towards harmony and comfort that you are always looking for, Ali Baba Nargile Restaurant Ortaköy prices are average compared to the level of service that It is served in it and it is better than other tourist restaurants that offer the same services in the same location but at astronomical prices, so we advise you to go to it.

times of work

The restaurant is open 24/7.

Restaurants in Ortakoy

Banyan Restaurant

One of the best restaurants of Ortakoy Istanbul that is worth a visit, whether in terms of the view and the picturesque location overlooking the Ortakoy Mosque and the Bosphorus coast or in terms of delicious food that you will feel like you have not eaten like it before, the staff service is more than excellent and we advise you not to miss the opportunity to visit this elegant restaurant You get the chance to enjoy the picturesque nature of Ortakoy.

times of work

Open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM.

The best restaurant in Ortakoy

Platas Rest Restaurant

Beltaş Rest Cafe is considered one of the best restaurants in Istanbul, which enjoys Bosphorus view. You always find this place crowded with visitors. It offers a varied menu that includes all the foods you might like. The place prices are the same as the rest of the tourist places in Istanbul, in addition to the availability of shops. To sell gifts, so never miss an opportunity to sit in this elegant place.

times of work

Open all days of the week from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Ortakoy Istanbul restaurants

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