The city of Cairo is a wonderful place where many of the most important places of tourism in Egypt meet, including recreational, cultural and historical, famous for its popular atmosphere and nightlife, where cafes and the corniche teeming with visitors coming to enjoy watching the Nile in the evening.
Cairo provides its tourists with luxurious and economical Egypt hotels that suit everyone, in addition to distinguished restaurants, luxury and popular markets and other ingredients that qualify them to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

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The best Cairo hotels

Cairo hotels are considered one of the finest hotels in Egypt. On this tab, you will find the best hotels in Cairo that have won the approval of Arab visitors in their services and location .. Read more

Best hotels in Cairo, Egypt

The best malls in Cairo

Tourism in Cairo contains the finest and most modern commercial centers along with many wonderful popular markets, as Cairo markets are a major destination for tourists and visitors to this ancient city.

Arab mall

Mall of Arabia is one of the largest shopping centers in Cairo, Egypt, and the city of Sixth of October opened in late 2010 and includes a large number of various shops in addition to branches of telecom companies, banks, cinemas, places for games and a huge hall that includes many restaurants and so that is considered one of the best commercial complexes Comprehensive in Egypt.

Mall of Arabia in Cairo, Egypt is one of the best malls in Cairo

City Stars Complex

City Stars Mall is one of the most prominent malls in Cairo, as it is one of the largest shopping centers in the Middle East, as it includes a large number of shops that follow the most famous international brands in the fields of clothing and fashion in general in addition to other stores, many restaurants, cinemas, entertainment places for children and a hypermarket Spinneys Famous

City Stars, the largest shopping mall in Cairo, Egypt

Khan Al Khalili Market

One of the most famous and famous markets in Cairo, which is a major attraction for both tourists and Egyptians, Khan El Khalili Market includes exhibits of handicrafts such as copperware, woodwork and other antiques and souvenirs that attract tourists to acquire them as a souvenir for their visit to the city, the market also includes many famous libraries in addition to the famous Al-Fishawi Café on Cairo level.

Khan Al-Khalili is one of the largest and most important popular markets in Cairo, Egypt

Genena Mall

One of the best markets in Cairo, where it is considered the second largest commercial center in Egypt, after the City Stars complex. This complex is located on Al Batrawi Street connected to Abbas Al Akkad Street in Nasr City in Cairo. Genena Mall includes many shops that include various areas of fashion and others, in addition to many restaurants, and it also contains a ski hall.

Genena Mall is one of the best markets in Cairo, as it is the second largest mall in Egypt

Maadi City Center Complex

Among the most recent and largest markets in Cairo includes many high-end shops that include clothes, shoes, accessories, food, home furniture and others in addition to many restaurants, cafes and a cinema hall. The complex also includes a large hypermarket for the Carrefour World Series. This complex is located in Maadi, Cairo

Maadi City Center complex is one of the newest and largest shopping centers in Cairo

Sun City Mall

One of the biggest malls in Cairo and one of the modern Cairo markets, you will find many famous international and local brands, the complex includes a large number of shops and many international restaurants, cafes, cinemas and entertainment places

Sun City Mall is one of the largest shopping complexes in Cairo

Downtown Mall

Downtown shopping complex is located in the Katameya area, where it opened recently and is characterized by being an open complex that includes the most famous international brands in various fields. The shopping complex contains many international shops, restaurants and cafes, as it is characterized by the presence of a dancing fountain in its outdoor courtyard and is one of the most beautiful markets in Cairo

Downtown Mall is one of the most beautiful malls in Cairo

First Mall

The shopping mall First Mall is located in Giza and is considered one of the largest malls in Cairo The complex consists of several floors and includes many shops in it the most famous international brands that include fashion and accessories, perfumes and electronics along with many international restaurants and high-end cafes

First Mall is one of the most prominent shopping places in Egypt, Cairo

Maadi Grand Mall

One of the most important malls in Cairo in the Maadi area includes many different shops in addition to fast food restaurants and it is intended for many visitors, especially the residents of Maadi

Maadi Grand Mall is one of Cairo's malls in Maadi

Ramses Hilton Mall

This commercial complex provides you with the possibility to shop from local commodities in Egypt
It includes many stores selling casual clothes, shoes, jewelry, household items and other goods
In addition to a cinema and billiard hall. The complex is located in Abdel Moneim Riad Square in central Cairo and is one of the most important shopping centers in Cairo

Ramses Hilton Mall is one of the best malls in Cairo

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