There is much talk about tourism in Uzungol, and there is talk about the town that enchanted many people from all over the world and sided on the throne of the most beautiful lake in northern Turkey.
Where is Uzungol located?
Uzungöl, a village called Lake Long, which belongs to the city of Trabzon in the northern Turkish, and the village is located in a valley between mountain heights and the village overlooks the lake and surrounded by forests and covers fog the atmosphere in most of the time, which adds to the place an indescribable beauty, away from Trabzon Airport 100 km It takes about an hour and a half to cut.

The town of Uzungol near Trabzon is one of the most famous tourist places in Turkey

What does tourism in Uzungol provide you with?

You can do many activities upon your arrival in Uzungol, including:
Visiting Uzungol Lake, which is the most famous tourist attraction in Uzungol, and enjoying the captivating natural scenery with the green forests surrounding it, you can camp, walk and wander around the lake.
• You can visit fish farms in the area and choose what you want to be a delicious dish for lunch as Uzungol is famous for the river salmon that lives in the cold water available in the village.
• We recommend that you equip your camera in preparation for hundreds of great photos that can be taken in Uzungol.

Tourism in Uzungol, Trabzon

• Ongole includes many distinct restaurants that are famous for their delicious food. Do not miss the opportunity to try food gastronomy in this town when you visit it.
There are also small wooden motels in Uzungol, which are generally clean and have a low to moderate price, and prices in the summer can range from $ 70-200.

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