Uluwatu Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples on the Indonesian island of Bali and it is one of the six main temples and one of the most important tourism sites in Indonesia, and what is distinguished by the temple is its location on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, 70 meters above sea level.

Ulu Wattu Bali temple Indonesia

The region contains many monuments dating back to the tenth century AD, there are two entrances to the temple of Ulu Watto entrance from the south and another from the north, the gates in the entrances are characterized by sculptures and in front of each of the gates a statue of a human body and the head of an elephant, you will need about an hour to cut the distance between the two gates.

Ulu Watto Temple in Bali

There is a small forest located at the front of the temple where hundreds of monkeys live, it is believed that they are originally present to guard the temple from negative influences, visitors must wear a special scarf that distinguishes visitors to the temple can be obtained from there.

Ulu Wattu Temple Indonesia Bali

Activities you can do

• Take a tour of the place and learn about the history and style of architecture, as well as Hindu culture and see its strange ritual close-up, and can enjoy watching the gates and ancient sculptures.

Ulu Watto Temple on Bali Island

• Perhaps the most beautiful thing about the temple is its location on this high rocky cliff, it has a wonderful view of the ocean among the forests and trees, you will enjoy the fresh sea air and the scenery of water that collides with the rocks with the sight of the ocean line and the pleasant warm atmosphere there.

Ulu Watto Temple in Indonesian Bali

• If the time of your visit coincides with the Ulu Watto Temple at 6 or 7 pm, you will have the opportunity to attend the traditional Kishak dance of Hindu rituals.

Ulu Wattu Bali Temple

• The temple is surrounded by a commercial and tourist area with good facilities. For this you will find many shops, cafes and small restaurants where you can drink drinks as well as food and also buy souvenirs.

Ulu Wattu Bali temple Indonesia

work hours

The temple is permanently open to the public but it is filled with people from the Hindu community from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm in order to practice their ritual worship.

Entry prices

30,000 rupees

Hotels near Oulu Watta Temple

Puri Kelapa Hotel is one of Indonesia’s best 2-star hotels, 700 meters from Ulu Wattu Temple.
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The hotel got very good reviews for the cleanliness, staff, and services.
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Three Monkeys Villas 3 stars is one of the best hotels in Bali, away from the temple Ulu Wattu, a 10-minute drive away.
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Villas were rated well in all respects.
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Oulu Wattu Temple site

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