The Viva Mountains are one of the most important tourist attractions in Jizan, which tourists accept and put them on their priority list during their visit to this ancient city.
Geographically, the Viva mountain range is located in Eastern Jizan, southwest of Saudi Arabia, in the mountainous region of Fifa, bordered to the northeast by Asir, to the south by Yemen, to the east by Najran, while to the west by Jizan, and is characterized by its hierarchical structure with steep slopes and thick green forests.
As for tourism, these mountains are a favorite destination for adventurers and seekers of calm, providing them with many exciting and many activities that we will present to you through this article.

Viva Mountains

Things to do in Viva Jazan Mountains

• If you are a fan of climbing, you can take an interesting adventure by climbing steep terraces and rugged turns that characterize mountain ranges, but beware, it requires good health and fitness.

Viva mountains in Jizan

• You can ride the primitive and homemade iron cable car that characterizes the city of Viva, as it is a unique way to take a mountain climb adventure without effort.

Viva Jazan

• An exciting safari trip between the Viva pastures in Jizan green and its heavy snow fog can be enjoyed by driving four-wheel drive vehicles on roads and narrow mountain turns.

Viva mountains, Jazan, Saudi Arabia

• During your trip to Mount Viva, you can enjoy watching and photographing the simple traditional houses with low floors spread over the mountain tops.

Viva mountains in Jizan

• Visiting the Viva Mountains in Jizan is an appropriate opportunity for researchers seeking a measure of recreation, tranquility and psychological comfort among the scenic aspects of nature.

Viva mountains in Jizan, Saudi Arabia

Hotels close to Jazan Mountains Viva

Viva Hotel is one of the best hotels in Jizan, about 2.5 km from the Viva Mountains.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel has a good rating for the location factors, helpful staff, comfort, and view.
Hotel reservation

Viva Jazan Mountains website

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