Very few cities of the world can offer a variety of interesting sites in a small area and Sarajevo has been so well deserved, as it is tourism in charming Sarajevo, including many attractions and places of tourism in historical and natural Bosnia and Herzegovina, not to mention the unique experience of a place that meets It has East to West, and unparalleled hotel tourism among the five-star Sarajevo hotels, among other categories.

The best hotels
Sarajevo five stars

Sarajevo has a special tourist weight, so a good number of hotels in Sarajevo were provided in many categories, and I will now take you on a pleasant tour among several of the best hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are five-star hotels in Sarajevo that deserve experience according to Arab city visitors.

Malak Regency Hotel Sarajevo

Angel Regency is one of several hotels
Sarajevo is a five star hotel, which features elegant rooms designed carefully for the comfort of guests, with many facilities
Services that cater to their needs, along with the entertainment the hotel provides.

The hotel is 5.7 km from Sarajevo International Airport, 2.2 km from Elijah Riviera Hot Springs, and the Bosnian Spring Garden is 3.7 km from the hotel.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has received excellent reviews on variety and quality
Food, quiet location, helpful staff, room size and comfort.

Despite being a prominent five-star hotel in Sarajevo, some visitors had reservations about value for money, and the hotel needed some maintenance.

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Sarajevo five stars hotels

Swissotel Sarajevo

Swissotel is a hotel
Sarajevo is a five-star hotel, strategically located close to many of Sarajevo’s attractions
Prominent, it offers several spaces for a comfortable stay, with a spa and several pools.

The hotel is 8 km from Sarajevo International Airport, the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 350 m, while the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo is 1.8 km from the hotel.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has great reviews in all respects, especially where the location is near
Tourist places, staff cooperation, comfort and cleanliness.

He complained
Some visitors have a lack of a bidet in the bathroom, the level of hygiene, and the lack of diversification in foods.

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Hotel facilities

Ostria Hotel Sarajevo

Austria Sarajevo, as one of the most important five-star hotels in Sarajevo and most notably, provides many visitors to the city from businessmen, families, individuals, and large tourist groups, and it is one of the city’s ancient hotels, which dates back to the 19th century in terms of construction and service, and is characterized by a simple design mixed with luxury It includes a swimming pool, a spa and wellness center, several restaurants and cafes, and many other facilities and services.

The hotel is 3.6 km from Sarajevo International Airport, 1.3 km from
Eliga Riviera hot springs, while the Bosnian Spring Garden is 3.3 km away
the hotel.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has achieved very good ratings for the beauty and proximity of the site
From the airport and services, the standard of hygiene, the performance of the staff, the size of the rooms.

Inmates agreed on some negatives, including the lack of a bidet
Bathroom, breakfast needs diversification.

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Sarajevo five-star hotels

Hills Hotel Sarajevo

Five Star hotels in Sarajevo and its important resorts, Hills Sarajevo is located in the heart of the city’s oasis
The green offers attractive panoramic views, and has many facilities to suit
the old and the young.

The hotel is 3.5 km from Sarajevo International Airport, 220 m from
Eliga Riviera hot springs, 7 km from Moemelo Forest Park.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

she was
The hotel reviews are very good in terms of location near the airport, children’s facilities,
The size of the rooms, the comfort of the stay, and the level of cleanliness.

He agreed
Most of the visitors are mistreated by the staff, the lack of variety of breakfasts, the lack of a pregnancy worker
For bags, shortages in some services.

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Europe Hotel Sarajevo

Europe Hotel is a prestigious five-star Sarajevo hotel, enjoying a privileged location overlooking the city’s Latin Bridge, and offers accommodations at fairly moderate prices.

The hotel is 9.8 km from Sarajevo International Airport, 110 m from the Clock Tower, and the distance between it and the Ghazi Khusraw Bey Mosque is 240 m.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

He got
The hotel appreciates the visitors very well due to several types, the most important of which is its strategic location.
Room size and cleanliness, staff cooperation.

Some visitors misunderstood the lack of a bidet in the bathroom and some other necessities, misconduct of some personnel, and lack of variety in foods.

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Five-star hotels in Sarajevo

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