Pink Beach on Lombok Island, is one of the seven pink beaches in the world, and it is one of the advantages of the city of Lombok and the creativity of nature and the gifts of God to it come to tourists in thousands from all over the world.
The beach is considered one of the most beautiful areas of tourism in Indonesia, where it acquires its pink color due to a natural phenomenon caused by very small tiny creatures that grow on coral reefs and excrete pink or red color. How much, an hour and a half, by car.

Activities you can do on the pink beach of Plumpbook

• Take a tour of the place, enjoy sitting in front of the ocean, and enjoy the fresh air, warm sun, soft floral sand, and you and the family.

Pink beach in Lombok Indonesia

• You can take a boat tour or rent diving equipment and enjoy diving in the depths of the ocean and looking at corals and marine creatures up close.

Pink Beach Lombok Indonesia

• For lovers of sports and movement, you can enjoy swimming in the warm warm waters, as well as playing soccer or tennis on the beach with your friends.

• You can practice fishing, rent fishing gear at good prices, and grill the fish in front of the beach on your own with your family and friends in the open air.
• If you love photography, the pink beach in Lombok is definitely the perfect place to experience your skill and capture the most beautiful and cool pictures of nature and the friends around you.

Pink beach on Lombok Island Indonesia

• You will love camping, staying for the evening, watching the sunset and skyline clear before your eyes on the pink beach in Lombok.

Pink beach in Lombok Indonesia

Lombok hotels near Pink Beach

There are no hotels near the beach, but you can live in Lampoc hotels in the south, and one of the best is:
The 4-star Villas and Resort Novotel Lombok is about an hour and a half drive from the pink beach in Lombok.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews for the cleanliness, comfort, location, staff, price a bit high.
Hotel reservation
Case Lombok Villas is one of the best 3-star Indonesia hotels away from the pink beach on Lombok Island, about two hours by car.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The villas have received great reviews in every respect.
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The pink beach site in Lombok

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