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Small town of Pak Chong

The small town of Pak Chong is a gateway to the famous Khao Yai National Park, and the mountainous region in which the park is located, located about 200 km from Bangkok, and you can easily reach Pak Chong and Khao Yai from the capital, and the park is a great place Especially to see the Thailand landscape on your way to the north, when you are in Pak Chung, be sure to stop by the daily market where locals sell their goods, about 15 km east of the city you will find the beautiful Lam Tachung Reservoir located in a wide valley.

– You can reach Pak Chung area by car, with the highway from Bangkok to Sarpuri, then follow Highway 2; by train on the Bangkok Nakhon Ratchasima Line, or by bus from Bangkok North Bus Station (about 4 hours).

Khao Yai National Park

The first national park in Thailand contains everything in nature, from mountains, thick forest, exotic wild animals, waterfalls and lakes, and the list goes on all that is in the park, and the sprawling park covering more than 2100 square kilometers extends to four provinces and It holds something for everyone visiting here.

Khao Yai Waterfalls

– A trip to Khao Yai will not be complete without a visit to many waterfalls, and Haew Narok Waterfalls is the perfect choice, as it is the highest waterfalls in the park (it is also a unique place for elephants that give you a large area of ​​pleasure, as they love this area), and can be reached This three-level beauty is by walking 600 meters.
– You will also find restaurants and restrooms in the area, and if you like fun and excitement, do not miss this wonderful region, known as the Orchid Waterfall because the orchids surround the rocks, and are also worth seeing, and there are a number of other smaller and less waterfalls Popularity guests can also walk in, including Nam Tok Haeo Prathun and Nam Tok Haeo Sai.

The mountain peaks of Khao Yai Park

Visitors may wish to walk to one of the multiple peaks that provide great views of the surrounding area, and the highest mountains are located in the southern part of the park, Khao Lim (1328 AD) and Khao Khiau (Green Mountain, 1350 AD), and both can be climbed during One day tour, tracks are marked according to the difficulty level, so check park guides to find out what’s open and safe.

Khao Yai Wildlife

The wildlife of Khao Yai is a major attraction for many tourists, and there is a large group of creatures dubbed the park, including elephants, monkeys, Asian black bears, sunny bears, cloudy tigers, water screens, the royal cobra and python. And a variety of birds.

Camps in Khao Yai Garden

Those who want to stay in one of the camps can rent tents, blankets, sleeping bags and pillows directly on site, so there is no need to attract a lot of equipment, and the park warns that the macaque monkeys will make their way to the tents one way or another, so whoever It is best to leave food outside, so as not to tear your luggage, and remember that this is all part of the fun in the wild.

Information about Khao Yai Garden

Garden hours are daily from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening, and for the entrance ticket price is 400 THB for adults, 200 THB for children; 500 THB per car.
– For the purpose of preserving the garden, the park limits the number of visitors it allows each day, which makes it a good idea to book your visit with a tourist company at least one day in advance.
– The park attracts a large number of Thais and foreigners, so it is best to avoid visiting on weekends or public holidays, when the park is especially crowded.
Buses depart from both Pak Chong and Bangkok for the National Park, and if you are traveling by car from Bangkok, stop the car to the right just before Pak Chong on Highway 2090 and follow the signs.
Be careful of the “cheap” rates for taxi trips from the entrance to the park, as they are often only for individual trips, and it is advisable to rely on tour operators in Pak Chong, Saraburi and Nakhon Ratchasima.

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