Turkey is characterized by the presence of a number of unique and distinctive tourist attractions among its lands thanks to the picturesque natural mountains, foothills, agricultural lands, seas, lakes, rivers and streams all of which gave it a great tourist value and value not only this but also the natural rocky sites that nature carved by the wind over long decades of time from The most unique monuments of the Alten Bishtek Cave located in the state of Antalya, which overlooks the Mediterranean coasts, the cave is distinguished by its golden yellow colors. The Alten Bishtek Cave attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists on a daily basis for hiking The rubber flame inside the lake, located in the cave, where the water is turquoise in color with golden sunlight, giving a very creative and amazing view that attracts the attention of all visitors, especially professional photographers and amateurs.
The cave is within the Alten Bishtek park, which has an area of ​​about 150 hectares, discovered by the geologist Aegean Corridor in 1966 during the exploration of water resources for the Imabenar Dam. There have been great efforts made by the Western Mediterranean Agency and a lot of this unique landmark has been promoted since 2000 and has increased popularity The cave in the past few years, with the increase of coastal attraction after the economic strength and the tourist status achieved by Turkey during the past ten years, it is worth noting that scientists from Japan, France and Britain have conducted studies inside the cave about the geological nature of it and its shape Featured.

The cave consists of three floors. The entrance area is approximately 200 meters. There is water in the summer and winter. It is one of the permanently open sections for visitors. This section arrives by boat. The other floors are for experts and studies with the aim of carrying out geological scientific research only. The cave is not finished yet. The cave is 10 km long. Meters The first section is 5 kilometers long. The lake is located under the ground and is connected to another lake, Lake Bay Shahir. Experts say that the age of the cave is more than 100 years old. The cave is the largest Turkish cave on Turkish lands combined in terms of area is the third in the world in terms of The degree of the cave constant temperature area in summer and winter 18 ° C without the lake of fresh water, but it is said that the water inside the lake used to treat skin diseases ..

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism supports tourism for the cave and facilitates all appropriate means for the convenience of local and foreign visitors and provides the appropriate environmental support for this. You can rent the boat in front of the cave from 500-1000 TL. You will roam inside the cave. About 20,000 tourists are in the cave and officials say On the tourism sector inside Turkey, it is very likely that the number will increase during this year and the coming years after the facilitating procedures for the cave visit and the trips held by hotels and the tourist identification campaigns by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as the cave is considered a gin The hidden reaches a height of 650 meters ..

If you are a fan of tourist adventures and sightseeing, you cannot miss visiting this cave located in the coastal state of Antalya in Altin Bishik Park, there is no doubt that it is one of the unique trips that will take you on a journey in the embrace of the beautiful nature, a paradise from God Almighty on earth, also you can recover From the water inside the lake that treats a wide range of skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, skin infections, ulcers, fish’s eye and other diseases that affect the skin, if you love photography, you will take pictures that are very creative, beautiful and tenderness due to the sun’s perpendicularity For gold on the water Turkozaah ..

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