Sentosa Island is Singapore’s premier tourist and leisure destination, with more than 5 million tourists annually. Sentosa was once a fishing village and then it became a military fortress. Now it is a tourist island that attracts tourists from all over the world. The island can be reached by many means of transportation, but what distinguishes the island is the cable car that transports you from the station of Hoborfront to the island directly, enjoying a panoramic view of the island. Tourist activities in Sentosa Island vary between gardens, beaches, entertainment centers and markets. Here are some of the most famous tourist places on the island.

1- Sea Aquarium “Water World”
It is the largest fish tank in Singapore, where it includes a variety of fish of different sizes, colors and species, and visitors enjoy walking through an 83-meter underwater glass tunnel through which the glass floor can see predators and exotic animals. The aquarium also provides an opportunity to dive with safer marine fish and animals.

2- Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore, attracting millions of visitors annually. The amusement park includes a variety of distinctive games, in addition to the cinematography tools that appeal to visitors. The amusement park includes seven exciting places that invite tourists to visit and spend time inside them, which are Hollywood, New York, ancient Egypt, the future, the lost world, and famous fantasies and Madagascar films. And art.

3- Trick Eye Museum
The Trek-i-Museum is one of the most famous optical illusion museums in the world, featuring a collection of mind-blowing 3D panels, along with some other exciting activities. You can take a tour of the paintings to discover their secrets and optical illusion, as well as take a memorial photo that appears to those who have not visited this place as if you are coming out of the mouth of a snake already or chasing after a large animal. There is also a café for cold or hot drinks, as well as ice cream for children.

4- Madame Tasso Museum
The Madame Tasso Museum is the seventh museum of the Madame Tasso Museum series in Asia, and this museum is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore, receiving millions of visitors annually who want to see simulated models of art and sports stars and political celebrities and take a memorial photo with them. The museum is statues of wax that mimic celebrities such as David Beckham, Shah Rukh Khan, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and Muhammad Ali Clay, among others. The venue also houses one of the most luxurious restaurants, Le Meridian Singapore, which serves all international and local dishes.

5- Adventure cove waterpark
This park is one of the tourist attractions on the Sentosa Island, Singapore, which is a water park, which includes 7 very exciting water games, along with some water games that suit children and that are very safe. It is also possible to swim in regular pools or swim in human-friendly aquariums and take memorial photos with it. The park includes places for sunbathing, and there is a lush forest that includes a wide range of diverse plants.

6- Mega Adventure Park
This park offers a unique journey that can not be repeated elsewhere, where you can discover your mobility and a sense of adventure inside you. This park was opened in 2009 and includes a range of games that are suitable for adventure lovers such as climbing, flying through the hanging rope, jumping from high altitude through the rubber cord and other exciting games, and all these games are completely safe. You can also relax in front of lakes and waterfalls in the green nature, and take a cable car tour to explore the place from above.

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