Chincoteague Island is an island located in the state of Virginia in the United States, and this state is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and this state is called the old government, or the mother of the chiefs, and this state is home to many plants and animals, and the first to try to establish and build a settlement in Virginia is Captain Walter Rally is an English poet, knight and explorer, but all his efforts failed, and in 1607 the first settlement in Virginia was formed by Captain John Smith and his soldiers who landed on the coast of Virginia, they named this settlement Jamestown, and the economy of Virginia depends on several areas including Agriculture, industry, and have Computer chips have become one of the most important exports of the state since 2002.

Chincoteague Island
Chicoteague Island is located in the county of Akumac, in the northeastern region of the eastern shore of Virginia, and this island is the only island in the state, and the island is located near the beach on Asatigo Island, and the island is 7 miles long, but it is surrounded by many miles of nature, and attracts this island Many tourists are classified as the second most beautiful island in the United States of America after Marco Island in Florida, so choosing this holiday island is a suitable choice for all nature lovers, cruises and waterways.

History of the island
The first landowner on Chincoteague Island is Daniel Jennifer, who owned a plot of land estimated at 1,500 acres, around 1650, and in 1671 settlers came to the island and lived in it, and by 1672 there were many farms on the island owned by bishops Bodens, Jesters, and Tars In 1838, there were about 36 homes on the island, and this island was initially called “Jingotig”, then its name changed to Chincoteague, according to the decision of the United States Geographical Names Council in 1943, and in 1962 the island was subjected to a large winter storm, which made The whole city is under water, and days remain in complete darkness without electricity E, but it began again in the promotion in 1965.
Tourism on the island

1- Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
Chincoteague National Park is a reserve and home to many animals and birds, as there are a large number of wild horses, and visitors can enjoy cycling and hiking in this charming nature. This region is a coastal region, and it is advised to visit this place in the winter more From the summer where mosquitoes breed, it is a more suitable place for families.

2- Chincoteague Museum
This museum is one of the most attractive museums in the United States, it has many valuable information, and provides full knowledge about horses, in addition to the symbolic entrance fees for it, and there are many old pictures of the museum who lived in Chincoteague long ago, and there is also in it Tales about the traditions and stories of Chincoteague, a place to have fun with the family, especially if there are children where they will not get bored.

3- Hill House House
This house located on Chincoteague Island is a historic house, built around the year 1800. The house is characterized by the presence of a modern ceiling of wooden panels, and drawings and sculptures abound on its walls, which depict the era of sailing ships that were in this period, and the house also contains a large wooden chimney , It is a suitable place to visit for all history lovers and visit archaeological sites.

4- Chincoteague Memorial Park
This park contains many attractions that visitors can spend time in, as it contains a large area for children’s games, a basketball and tennis court, a baseball field, a ski place, and a large number of tables to rest on, and there is a restaurant for barbecues, and the garden overlooks a beautiful view For water, in which anchored boats can be seen, there is also a swimming pool, and a hotel, and the garden contains an area where fishing is permitted, and this garden is a place where only humans are allowed, as it does not allow pets to enter it.

5- Trivan exhibition
The Trivan Gallery is located 1.6 km outside the city. The exhibition contains paintings by international artists, and has a great reputation. The paintings in this exhibition are distinguished by the diversity of their prices. This museum is located in a beautiful house dating back to 1889, so this place attracts a lot of art lovers Especially, preferring to paint in pastel colors, where paintings of this type abound there, and this exhibition is considered one of the most recommended places to visit when going to Chincoteague Island.

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