The Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City is the oldest in the country and was opened in 1964 AD as part of the process of consolidating Mexican culture to embody the country’s revolution and to provide a historical overview of it in an updated form of plastic arts, and it may be considered the oldest museum in Latin America.
The museum fascinates its visitors from the beginning, as it is a white marble building that was built from Italy, and glistens at night through the colorful lights reflected on the white marble to appear as a permanent festival of lights.

The work on the museum took many years that spanned between 1905 and 1934 due to the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution, and the museum holds italyn touches thanks to the engineer Adamo Buari who was the first to start work on the museum, and the architect Federico Mariscal completed the construction work and added to the Mexican style through the use of marble Mexican with bright colors like pink, green, red and black.

The museum’s ballroom is adorned with luxurious crystal curtains that were brought from the famous Tiffany store in New York, USA, to form a massive wall mural made of glass and embodying the stunning landscapes of Mexico.

The museum includes a collection of 17 amazing murals of the most famous Mexican artists such as Diego Rivera, David Alvaro Sequiroz, Jose Clemente Orozco and George Gonzalez Camarena, which are permanent exhibitions in the museum, as well as the famous painting “The Two Fredds” by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, along with works by the most famous artists Localities such as Cordelia Orita and Maria Izquierdo have been arranged according to historical periods.

In addition, different collections of distinctive paintings are shown by the most famous international artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and others. The museum also displays sculptures and relics indicating the heritage and heritage of Mexican art. The museum also contains galleries of visual arts and movie theaters, as well as various cultural events.

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