What are your reasons for visiting Bermuda? What are the different activities that you can do in this charming place amid the picturesque nature? In addition to the exact location of the island to spend a unique vacation. Here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

Tourism in Bermuda

Bermuda Island is one of the places that are very popular and visited by tourists from everywhere, thanks to the picturesque nature, charming sandy beaches and clean water in addition to the British heritage that will make your trip to Bermuda Island charming and full of suspense at the same time.

Where are the Bermuda Islands located?

  • It is located in the Caribbean Sea, 600 miles east of England, near North Carolina.
  • Although some people feel the danger of visiting Bermuda Island because of its location near the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, which is surrounded by many ideas about the dark history, from plane accidents and drowning of ships for unknown reasons, but the island is quite far from that as it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations around the world.

Here are the most beautiful things you can do on Bermuda Island for an unforgettable vacation.

Dive water:

  • If you love marine life and want to enjoy pure waters and irresistible seascapes, Bermuda Island is your next destination for sure.
  • Bermuda has very clear and beautiful waters with a depth of more than 150 feet, and you will be able to see the shipwrecks that have sunk in the water, dating back more than 5 exits.
  • Be sure to see the beautiful coral reefs that bloom on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

See whales in their environment:

If you want to see huge domestic whales, the best place for that is Bermuda Island. Every year, especially in March and April, whales move to Bermuda Island, during the migration that you make towards the places where you find their food on the north side, every spring. .

The Amazing Railroad:

It is one of the best places to take an exploratory tour around the city’s monuments, and it is a really cool road that contains hiking trails and other biking trails that extend along the Bermuda Island.
The old rail road passes through the island’s splendid villages as well as the bays scattered all over the place and lots of ancient monuments, and if you want to add more excitement to your trip, rent a bike for 19 pounds per day.

Try new things:

You can do wonderful experiences like life on the island, exactly like the indigenous people, by staying for a day or more with local families in their homes where you will be able to learn how to prepare traditional dishes known about the island from the chowder of fish and roast chicken in addition to red snapper, and it will cost you only £ 80 per day.

Bermuda and New York visits simultaneously:

Bermuda Island is a great gateway to an unforgettable trip to New York, and some of their nearby location will only take you two hours to reach New York from Bermuda Island.

How to learn to sail:

Bermuda Island hosts many international boat races and you will also find many programs that you can participate in, to learn how to sail and become a professional sailboat in order to be able to explore the area on your own and take a tour around Bermuda Island, and learn a hobby you would like to feel a great benefit from your trip.

Cliff diving:

If you want to add more fun and excitement to your trip, you must try to jump from the high stone slopes to land in sparkling water, and it is not only about jumping from a height, but also you will have to climb the slope on your own and then jump from top to water adventurously But it is beautiful and worth it.

Eco Adventures:

On Bermuda Island, there are many tourist attractions between recreational places, archaeological and cultural monuments, and the most beautiful of Bermuda Island, the Aquarium in addition to the zoo where you will find many rare animals and passing through the Bermuda Institute for Water Exploration and the Maritime History Museum that studies marine life in Bermuda Island.
It would be very nice to visit all of these places so that you can get to the origin of the volcanoes in the city, as well as shipwrecks, and what little is known about the truth of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

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