The most beautiful guide and the best London hotels away from tourists, it is advised to stay there, in addition to the best hotels with excellent services in every region and features of each region of London for a quiet and comfortable stay. Here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

London’s best hotels away from tourists:

London is one of the huge cities and you need to think well about the area in which you want to book a hotel in order to be close to the places you want to visit, so that you do not have to pay a lot of money to travel only and reach the tourist places you want to visit so that the price of transportation may reach The price you would have paid overnight for a day or more in a five-star hotel!
One of the things you need to know is that most hotels in London do not provide free transportation between the airport and the hotel, so it is best to choose hotels that are close to the metro that covers most areas of London.
Here are the best areas to live in London at cheap prices away from the crowds of tourists in addition to the best hotels in each of them and the services that it provides:

Accommodation in the Bloomsbury area:

The Bloomsbury area is one of the most wonderful places away from tourists, which enjoys unparalleled sophistication and is the best place for museum and art lovers where you will find many wonderful museums on top of which are the British Museum and you will be close to the famous University of London building in addition to the famous Charles Dickens Museum.
Not only are the monuments, they will also be close to the green arenas suitable for wandering the neighborhood and it is close to the metro station.

Churchill Hotel London:

  • It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Bloomsbury area, close to Hyde Park National Park and well-known Oxford Street.
  • The hotel is located within walking distance of Marble Arch underground station, which will make it very easy to travel to any place in London. You will also find many impressive monuments and museums around you, in addition to the diversity of food between local food and local dishes. If you want to eat halal meat, you will find next to the Antalya restaurant known for its excellent food.
  • Perhaps the only negative in the hotel is its high price, but that is expected because the hotel is very luxurious, and is located in one of the finest neighborhoods of London.

Chancery Court Hotel:

It is a very elegant hotel, which has a unique design that will make you feel as if you are moving to the Middle Ages with wonderful decoration and dazzling design as if you live in your own palace with a classic character, but at the same time it is very expensive for being in the Bloomsbury area, and you will find excellent services much more valuable than the cost of housing in the hotel.

Mayfair, where sophistication and beauty:

The neighborhood directly overlooks Hyde Park and is known to be one of the most beautiful areas of London and contains many wonderful commercial markets and luxury shops.

Hotel Cafe Royal:

One of the most wonderful hotels in the neighborhood that you have to live in if you want to experience the exciting nightlife experience in London, as the metro is close to the hotel, as it will reach you to Heathrow Airport in a short time. In addition to your proximity to the headquarters of the Royal Academy for Art.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane:

It is one of the coolest and quietest hotels in London, and it is located on the famous Edgware Street on Arab Street. You will also find that the transportation is very easy because of your proximity to the metro station, which is within 10 minutes, walking distance from the Four Seasons Hotel.
The hotel is very luxurious where you will feel like you are in a royal villa or palace but it is a little expensive, and you will be close to many international restaurants, ensuring that you get services at the highest level between Arab food and Western food and do not miss the experience of oriental cuisine that is found in Nora Restaurant and Restaurant Dinning in addition to Momo Turkish Restaurant and they are within walking distance of the hotel.

Accommodation in the Covent Garden area:

You have to live in the Covent Garden neighborhood if you like cinema and theater and want a unique place of residence where you will find many hotels with excellent prices, which provide a wonderful service by a professional team, and you will also find a great diversity in the dishes that are served in hotels and restaurants, which sleeps About cultural diversity in this region.

Corinthia Hotel London:

  • It is one of the most wonderful hotels in the city center, and it is within walking distance of the Nelson Column and St. Martin, and it is one of the five-star hotels that you have to go down to.
  • The hotel contains more than 200 rooms that enjoy a unique style, as well as small refrigerators in each cover, in addition to huge wall screens, and it provides free internet services, whether wired or wireless, to be in constant contact with your friends and family.
  • The hotel provides a lot of recreational services, including a massage session, gyms and many facials, in addition to closed swimming pools, these great facilities are available all the time, and it also provides a childcare service for an additional fee.

Nadler Victoria Hotel:

There is a short distance from the Victoria Palace Theater in addition to the easy access to Buckingham Palace from the hotel, which is classified as a four-star hotel, which means getting great service without paying much money.
The hotel provides free internet access as well as a child care service for an additional fee.
The hotel also provides cleaning and ironing services, it contains 73 rooms each with air conditioning, and you will find comprehensive kitchenettes for everything you need from refrigerators and microwaves, you will find that the room is very comfortable and there is a place to put everything you have and there is room cleaning service every day.

Marylebone where calm and magnificence:

Marylebone is a suburb countryside that makes it different from other places in London, and it is the favorite place for those who love calm and relaxation in a bustling city like London.

Da Maribelon Hotel:

  • It is one of the most wonderful hotels in the capital and a short distance from the Marble Arch, which is a five-star category and is located near the famous Albert Hall.
  • You will feel like you are staying in your home as it contains forty air-conditioned rooms and contains small refrigerators in addition to the units for charging the iPod and the Internet and wonderful bathrooms that include all the requirements that the visitor needs. The most beautiful and elegant hotels in this region.

The Landmark London:

  • One of the most magnificent hotels in the heart of London, and is a short distance from Selfridges and Buckingham Palace.
  • The hotel belongs to the four-star category and as for its location, it is close to the zoo.
  • The atmosphere is very comfortable and comfortable in the hotel, it is equipped with about 252 rooms, the reception and staff at the hotel are very wonderful, the bathrooms and the different services are distinct and it also allows the service of making local calls for free.
  • The Marble Arch by Montcalm:

    • It is one of the best places to get off if you want to stay near many important monuments and attractions between Madame Tussauds wax museum and London Zoo, which belongs to the category of five-star hotels.
    • The hotel contains 300 wonderful rooms equipped with air conditioning and all the services that you may need from free internet, huge showrooms and mini-refrigerators. It also contains many satellite channels on the TV, which will make your time at the hotel enjoy you comfortable and relaxing.
    • The hotel provides massage sessions and facial treatments using natural herbs and private pools, as well as spa and sauna pools.
    • The highlight of the hotel is the Victorian-style building, which makes staying in it more than just a hotel room.

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