Discover the most important places of tourism in Turkey Bodrum and get to know its best hotels as well, as it is one of the most important areas that should be on the list of regions that you are looking to visit during your vacation in Turkey because its visit gives you the opportunity to visit a variety of types of natural and archaeological sights in addition to having a shopping experience Enjoyable in its stores, many of which provide the best of international and local products.

The most important places of tourism in Bodrum Turkey

Fink Beach

Fink Beach

  • Its water is clear.
  • It provides the opportunity to engage in a lot of water activities, especially diving, because it contains charming coral reefs.
  • Attached is a special area for events and concerts.

The old theater

Ancient Theater

  • It was built in the fourth century B.C.
  • It consists of 3 sections: the podium, the venue for the orchestra, and the stands for up to 1,300 visitors.
  • A number of celebrations take place during the summer.

Midtown shopping complex
Midtown shopping complex

Midtown Shopping Center

  • One of the best and most famous shopping centers in the city.
  • It contains specialized stores selling international and local products.
  • It is equipped with a lot of high-level amenities and entertainment.
  • Official Website.

St. Pierre Castle

Bodrum Castle

  • Located in the Charchi area.
  • It is available to visit it daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • It was built in 1400 AD.
  • It is about 50 meters above sea level.
  • Official Website.

Bodrum Museum of Marine Archeology

Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archeology

  • It is located in Bodrum Castle.
  • It contains artifacts from many Romen, Byzantine, and Ottoman ships.
  • Surrounded by a garden decorated with a number of statues.
  • His garden includes a number of ancient tombs.
  • Visitors are welcomed from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Official Website.

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Best hotels in Bodrum

Kempinski Hotel

  • Overlooks Gokova Bay.
  • Official Website.

Marina Vista Hotel

  • Room with a unique view of the garden and the pool attached to it.
  • Official Website.

Rixos Premium Hotel

  • Located near the city’s airport.
  • It includes many privileged facilities such as a health center, swimming pools, and playgrounds.
  • Official Website.

Asmin Hotel

  • It is located in the city center.
  • Attached to a traditional Turkish bath.
  • Official Website.

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