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Tourism in Crete

Crete is one of the most famous Greek islands that abounds with rural charm, along with a group of famous archaeological sites located on the sea coast that offer many seafood, in addition to the presence of many caves that have historical significance, and many visitors resort To the ferries available at the port of Athens and known as Piraeus in order to reach Crete.

The best tourist places in Crete


Knossos Palace is one of the greatest and most glorious palaces in Crete and was considered the capital of Minoan and located twenty minutes south of the modern city of Kandia, and it was inhabited for thousands of years starting from the Neolithic period until it was abandoned after its destruction in 1375 before The birth was the end of the Minoan civilization.

The first palace was built in 1900 BC on the ruins of a group of settlements that were previously present in the region and next to the Krairatos river. It was destroyed in 1700 BC and the reason behind this destruction is not specified, perhaps due to a large earthquake Or maybe to a group of foreign invaders.

Elafonisi Beach

This beach was considered a secret for the people residing in Crete until 2014 when it was chosen as one of the 25 best beaches around the world, and in fact the island is considered as an island where it is separated from the southwestern coast of Crete, and the island is considered home to more than 100 rare plants where a visitor can Finding daffodils summer flowers, and many rare flowers found only on the surface of this island, and the island has specified places for walking paths, in order to preserve the safety of rare plants.

Dicton Cave

Legend indicates that Zeus was hidden in this cave to escape from being eaten by his father, as his suffering prolonged with her husband Cronus, who used to eat his children upon birth, so she decided to hide one of her children away from her husband, until this child would grow up and become the king of the gods Zeus, The entrance to this cave is located at an altitude of 1025 meters above sea level near a fertile plateau that had been inhabited since 6000 BC.

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