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Tourism in Marbella

Marbella is located in Spain, and it is one of the main tourist centers on the Costa del Sol. This is due to the good services it provides, the high quality of its facilities, and it is an attractive center for golf lovers, in addition to the historical sites overlooking the Gulf, and the designed shelters The typical Andalusian, some white houses, and orange trees decorate the streets and squares.
As for the excellent climate of Marbella, its main sports complexes, beaches and natural surroundings, it is only a small part of the many attractions that Marbella provides on the coast of Malaga, in addition to the presence of many horse riding schools, tennis clubs, and other facilities that suit All tastes are different.

Tourist places in Marbella

Ports and beaches

Marbella extends 30 km along the coast of the Costa del Sol, and along this coast there are many places that attract the attention of tourists, including the following:

  • Cabopino Port (English: Cabopino): It is a small port, hosting a large group of sailing boats and small yachts.
  • Puerto Banus (English: Puerto Banus): Puerto Banus Port was built in 1970 AD to be a luxury marina and shopping center, and it includes a group of restaurants and clubs close to each other, and has been modernized in the style of classic Andalusian architecture. More than 5 million visitors visit this port annually, among them famous and wealthy people from around the world, as the port hosts some of the most luxurious yachts in the world, in addition to sports cars that can be seen lined up across the marina.
  • Las Chapas Beach: Las Chapas Beach is 10 km from the center of Marbella. This beach is full of luxury hotels and residential gatherings, and is distinguished by the presence of a number of beautiful sandy beaches, including the world-famous Nikki Beach, which turns into an outdoor club in the summer.

Other parameters

There are many interesting landmarks in Marbella, including:

  • San Pedro Alcantara (English: San Pedro Alcantara): This town can be considered a city in itself, with a population of 35,000 people, as well as many amenities, and easy access to Marbella via its local buses. In the past, San Pedro was an agricultural community famous for growing cane sugar, and to this day it still retains much of its originality.
  • Nueva Andalucia: The Nueva Andalucia region is located near Puerto Banus, specifically halfway between Marbella city center and San Pedro de Alcántara, which has the best golf courses in the area, and is easy to move from to the beaches, the highway, and Puerto Banus Port.
  • Golden Mile District (English: Golden Mile): This area extends from the western end of the city center to Puerto Banus Port, and an exclusive group of the best 5-star hotels has been established, as well as a number of villas and real estate scattered on both sides of the road, and the most popular Marbella resorts are located on this highway.
  • Old-town: It is the oldest place in Marbella, and it is a maze of pedestrian streets paved with red tiles, and its buildings are painted white.
  • Alameda Park: It is located in the south of the old town, steps away from it. There are corridors covered with a thick canopy of leaves of tropical trees. They are paths paved with marble.
  • Avenida del Mar Street (English: Avenida del Mar): It is a wide pedestrian street, with palm trees along it, extending from Alameda Park to Venus Beach, next to Marbella Marina.
  • Bonsai Museum: It is a long, narrow rock garden extending along a riverbed, inside which there are specimens of the oldest olive trees, specifically wild olives, and one of the best individual groups of bonsai trees (stunting trees) in all of Europe.

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