Tourism in Egypt, Arab travelers, Egypt is well-liked by its Arab tourists to visit certain places, given that Egypt has unparalleled geographical and tourism features. In addition to its people seeking to welcome its Arab visitors, tourism gives the Egyptians an honor, and it adds to them many values ​​in front of their counterparts from the Arab countries and the world at large. To learn about the most important things to know about tourism in Egypt, you have an article for Arab travelers.

Tourism in Egypt, Arab travelers

  • Arab travelers are willing to visit Egypt, and they find many landmarks related to the types of tourism there, and find in its atmosphere the warmth and distinction that fascinates the whole world.

The cost of travel to Egypt

  • The experience of traveling to Egypt is not considered expensive compared to many other countries of the world, as it is one of the countries whose cost can be calculated for those with economic, medium and high levels of materialism.
  • And given the multiplicity of costs that are attached to the types of tourism, especially recreational, therapeutic and cultural ones, travel to Egypt is not a costly matter.
  • Prices for moving from Saudi Arabia to Egypt start from 46 riyals, and the highest flights to it start from 850 riyals.
  • The hotels in the center of the country, as the main destination for all the existing tourist attractions, provide the possibility of one-night reservations starting from 200 to 500 riyals.
  • Restaurants are spread in Egypt from all the kitchens of the world, and also the number of popular cafes in Egypt may exceed the number of cafes in any other tourist country, that is, the food is in everyone’s ability.
  • As for transportation costs, they are determined according to the method, and the bus is the popular transportation method that suits everyone, in addition to the microbus, but if you want to rent a private taxi, it is better to have between 150 and 200g in your possession, and you can also rent a car with any of the applications Transition Careem, Uber, or SWVL as its use is widespread in Egypt.

Transportation in Egypt

Recreational tourism in Egypt

  • It is considered one of the most important types of tourism in Egypt, and tourists are often brought to it for entertainment in summer and winter seasons in particular.
  • In the summer, tourists love going to the beaches and resorts. Such as the governorates of Alexandria, Matruh, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, and the Red Sea Governorate.
  • Tourists prefer to go in winter to visit the governorates of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. And many of them have preferred to visit Alexandria in the recent period because of its special charm in the winter season.
  • This is in addition to traveling to attend events held by the largest tourist establishments and establishments such as festivals, parties held on the stage, and open theaters.

Tourism in Egypt in summer

Tourism in Egypt in winter

Medical tourism in Egypt

  • The feet of tourists are racing to travel to specific areas in Egypt to recover from bone, skin and other diseases. Among the most prominent of these areas: the eyes of Musa in South Sinai, and the Cleopatra bath in Marsa Matruh.
  • The Red Sea water also has all the beneficial elements for hospitalization, which are found in Ain Al Sira, Ain Al Sokhna, the oases region, Fayoum, Aswan, and Hurghada.

Cleopatra bath Matrouh

Heritage and archaeological tourism in Egypt

  • Ancient civilizations were raised in all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to that there are many provinces that are still keen on their heritage that is highlighted by handicrafts, folk dances and heritage songs, as well as the documents these governorates contain in their offices for thousands of years.
  • The list of monuments includes visiting museums, temples and squares, as well as visiting mosques, churches, temples and monasteries, in addition to the islands, gardens and historical palaces.

Traditional Folklore

Marketing tourism in Egypt

  • It is considered one of the strongest landmarks of tourism in the recent period, visiting Egypt to attend shopping fairs that display commodities from all over the Republic, as well as book fairs in which the most famous Egyptian publishing houses display their publications, in addition to attending events held on the sidelines of these exhibitions.

Marketing exhibitions in Egypt

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