Tourism in Geneva

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We will show you through this article the best and most famous tourist attractions that exist in the city of Geneva, as the city of Geneva is one of the most important and famous Swiss cities, because it includes the privileged location, where Geneva is located directly on the coast of Lake Geneva, which is one of The most beautiful lakes in the world, besides that the city includes many ancient sights and distinctive places that we recommend you to visit.

Tourism in Geneva:

First: the English Garden:

The English Garden is one of the most beautiful places in Geneva, because it has large and wide green spaces, and it is the perfect place for nature lovers.

Contents of the English Garden:

  • The English Garden includes large green areas covered by distinctive green plants, which make the visitor feel comfortable and calm.
  • In the garden there is also a watch covered with the most beautiful colored roses, which is called the flower clock and is one of the most beautiful scenery.
  • The park also has some trails for hiking or jogging enthusiasts, in the middle of the charming nature.
  • The English garden also includes a distinctive restaurant serving delicious Swiss dishes, which enjoys a direct view of Lake Geneva.

Second: Lake Geneva:

Lake Geneva is one of the most famous places that the city of Geneva is famous for, because it is one of the largest lakes in the continent of Europe, and some also call it Lake Leman.

Entertainment at Lake Geneva:

  • The scenic lake view, which is considered one of the largest and longest lakes in Europe, can be enjoyed.
  • There are also several boats around the lake that can be rented at reasonable prices, in order to take a tour of the lake and learn about the places and landmarks surrounding it.
  • You can also have fun with family and friends by sitting in one of the parks surrounding the park.
  • As for fishing enthusiasts, Lake Geneva is indeed the ideal place for fishing, because it has more than twenty different types of fish.
  • You can also enjoy watching the many different types of birds, which swim on the surface of the lake throughout the year.
  • You can also enjoy the unique views of the many mountains that surround the lake, which is covered in snow.

Third: The Geneva Fountain:

The Geneva Fountain is also one of the attractions in Geneva, because it is considered one of the tallest fountains in the world, with a length of more than one hundred and forty meters.

Entertainment at the Geneva Fountain:

  • Enjoy watching the magical fountain scene, which reaches a height of about one hundred and forty meters.
  • Enjoy taking commemorative photos of this charming fountain, and of the charming colorful lights that lights around the fountain.
  • You can enjoy sitting in one of the restaurants located around the lake and enjoy watching the fountain.
  • You can also drink many hot drinks in one of the cafes around the fountain from everywhere.

The most beautiful museums in Geneva:

First: Patek Philippe Museum:

The Patek Philippe Museum is one of the best sights in Geneva, from which the Swiss watchmaking can be understood through its various displays.

Contents of the Patek Philippe Museum:

  • You can enjoy watching the museum from the inside, knowing its history, and how to make watches.
  • The museum also includes a hall dedicated to displaying many different types of ancient clocks, which includes the attractive and different shape.
  • Also in the museum is another hall, in which many designs by Philippe watch designer, which are covered in diamonds and some jewelry, are on display.
  • The museum includes a large group of Swiss watches that are distinguished by the beauty of their scenery and the splendor of their manufacture, they can be seen and photographed.
  • The museum can be visited from Tuesday to Friday from two o’clock, until six o’clock in the evening.

Second: The Natural History Museum:

The Museum of Natural History is one of the best places to visit in Geneva, because it includes many ancient monuments for animals as well as plants and some types of insects, and is one of the most tourist attractions in the city.

Contents of the Natural History Museum:

  • The museum contains many figures of animals, which narrate the ecological life of these animals with sounds of these animals.
  • The museum also includes a special section for children, where there is a theater in which many different and distinctive shows for children are held, along with some fun games.
  • There is another section in the museum also called the world of meteorites, through which this section can identify many of the hidden mysteries and secrets of the globe, and what is happening outside it, as can be seen moon stones as well.
  • The museum also includes a small café where a drink can be taken before completing a tour of the museum and seeing its contents.
  • The Natural History Museum can be visited on any day of the year from ten o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the evening.

Third: Ariana Museum:

The Ariana Museum is one of the most famous museums that exist in the city of Geneva, because it is one of the museums that contain the largest number of ancient artifacts, which were made from many different materials, and multiple, that date back to the fourteenth century.

Ariana Museum Contents:

  • The museum houses many ancient artifacts, which were brought in from many different countries of the world.
  • The museum also contains many tools made of glass, as well as pottery and porcelain, which are among the oldest tools.
  • The museum also contains a large garden covered with green plants, next to the distinct fountain in it.

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