Tourism in Indonesia has a different shape and taste that combines tranquility, strangeness, beauty and distinction, as Indonesia is characterized by the largest marine archipelago in the world as it mediates the Indian and Pacific oceans, which makes it a great tourist center of focus. Attractive marine places If you like to stay on a secret island, nobody knows anything about you living in a small house floating above the sparkling lake in the reception of the clear sky. Of course you find your request in that beautiful country, as houses and villas over the water are among the most popular places to stay are Small wooden huts Mathaba over the water will take a look at those places:
1- Pulo Cinta Eco Resort:

One of the most romantic resorts in Indonesia is a small private island that is one of the tourist destinations suitable for new couples to spend honeymoon nights The place offers a panoramic view of the sea is wooden huts, each of which is far from the other A distance can be enjoyed a number of beautiful activities in the resort such as diving and sports Water and swimming, the place lacks electricity, which is lighted by candles, and the price starts from $ 351, including meals.
Address: Boalemo, Gorontalo – Indonesia. Coordinates
Phone: 6285888211121

2- Ora Beach Resort:

Where isolation in the mountains and forests is located in the middle of Maluku (Central Maluku) from the charming picturesque places where adventure, fun, tranquility and rest of the nerves The resort includes a number of wooden houses above the water that can be reached by small wooden boats, the place is characterized by mountainous terrain and beautiful peaks and greenery is five huts Only residence for $ 77 has the basic necessities for living
How to reach: From Jakarta, take a flight from Ambon Pattimura Airport via Lion Air, then take a taxi to Toleho Port and take a ferry, then from Masuhhi to reach Salman Village then a small boat to reach the resort (it is a difficult and arduous but fun trip for adventure lovers)
Phone: 08170833554

3- Telunas Resorts Private Island:

Of the beautiful magical places are 15 villas by the sea or over the sea that have windows to ensure that the place around you is surrounded by Soji Islands. There is a swimming pool off the sea that can be reached on a trip by small boats is suitable for gatherings of young men and new couples to spend distinct nights where beauty and charming natural uniqueness The price starts from 150 dollars.
How to get there: From Jakarta, go to Hang Nadim Airport, then take a taxi to Sekupang International Ferry. Upon arrival, you can take a boat to the resort. The trip costs you $ 110.

4- Papua Paradise Eco-Resort:

Where happiness, beauty and joy are also wooden houses over the waters of the Pacific Ocean with wide balconies to look at the place around you part of the resort on the beach and part inside the water there is a distinctive restaurant that offers a number of delicious seafood on the Indonesian and European way cost 485 dollars the resort is characterized by the presence of all means Technological.
How to arrive: From Sorong, the return trip from Jakarta to Ambon Manado, take a taxi, and go to the port of Sorong Pelabuhan, Rakyat, and board the boat, which leaves at 111 to Wisawy, from which you find the hotel employee. You must contact and book in advance before going.

5- Misool Eco Resort:

From the uninhabited islands inhabited famous for preserving the environment, the houses consist of hard tropical woods you can meditate on the nature around you and practice a number of beautiful activities and adventures. The cost is $ 793.
How to get there: The nearest airport is Sorong from which you take a car to the port of Sorong Pelabuhan Rakyat and boat ride 11 am and from Waisawy the hotel delegate is waiting but this resort is more expensive than the previous arrival costs only $ 450.

6- Pulau Ayer Resort & Cottages:

Among the easy-to-reach products, only 25 minutes from Jakarta. You can spend a very quiet weekends and only cost $ 30. You can do a number of fun activities and adventures with huge discounts on food prices.

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